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New World Void Metal | How to Get

New World Void Metal

Some of the most powerful recipes in New World require immense amounts of luck. From gathering plants that don’t always give you a flower to a random chance to get herbs from herb bushes, you will probably run into ingredient droughts. If that wasn’t enough, some of the best recipes in the game are entirely luck-reliant. New World Void Metal is one of the rarest ingots that you can find in the game right now, and you’ll need it!

How to Get Void Metal in New World

How to get Void Metal in New World

You can get Void Metal in any of New World‘s Iron Veins, but it has a very low drop rate. In order to increase your chances of getting it, make sure you raise your mining level quite high, eat mining food, and establish a mining route that get to as many Iron Veins as possible. According to some sources, you can also get one from Mountain and Tundra Elementals, but only if your Mining is over 100. You can also get Void Metal from Corrupted Orichalcum Spires, though those are much rarer resource nodes.

Because Void Metal is a rare drop from Iron, there are plenty of places where you can establish an effective Iron farm. Some of the best areas are Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, First Light, and Windsward.

To maximize your chances of getting Void Metal, it is recommended that you reach level 50 or more in Mining. You can also boost your Mining by eating food, equipping the Armor Perk “Reinforced Mining Luck”, and establishing a consistent route near a fast travel station. Iron Veins respawn every 20 minutes, so you’ll want to dominate a path.

Void Metal is important for mid-game recipes in Arcana, Engineering, and Weaponsmithing. These ingots are essential for weapons that are around level 50 to 85; basically, you’ll be making gear score 300-400 weaponry. For more info on recipes, check out NewWorldTracker.

Depending on when you start your business, this might be a bit below your weight level. However, these are good-quality level 3 weapons that are relatively easy to find from mining iron. This’ll be handy for you, even if you don’t find much of it until later.

Written by Andrew Smith