How to Deal Heartshots in Nightingale

Nightingale Bass Reeves Character for Heartshots
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Legendary deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves has entered the Fae Realms in Nightingale. The famous runaway slave turned farmer-tracker turned U.S. Marshal tasks the players with dealing Headshots and Heartshots. While the former is a no-brainer, some explorers are confused by the Heartshot objective.

What are these Heartshots, and how can players execute them in Nightingale? If you’ve been traversing the Fae Realms for a while and have battled a few enemies, chances are you’re familiar with this specified attack. Given the name, one might easily assume how to deal with these, but lawman Bass Reeves needs to know you can handle a firearm while executing specific shots.

How to Deal Heartshots in Nightingale

Nightingale Estate in Abeyance Realm
Image Credit: Inflexion Games.

“A well-placed shot is a resourceful one,” Bass Reeves informs us Realmwalkers in Nightingale, implying that Headshots and Heartshots are crucial in combat. Headshots are executed by hitting an enemy on the head. Heartshots, on the other hand, are carried out by dealing attacks to an enemy’s heart. This may be tricky to comprehend once animals come into the question, as locating their hearts can be challenging.

Also known as weak points in the game, Headshots and Heartshots specialize in dealing with increased damage. While human enemies are more accessible to tackle in terms of finding their hearts, animals pose a different challenge. The hearts of the four-legged creatures of the Fae Realms usually reside near their front left leg, edging toward the middle of the body. Aim for the spot between the front left leg and the creature’s stomach.

Whether using the Simple Slingshot or a working firearm, landing a Heartshot will yield incredible damage. A successful shot through the heart (and you’re to blame!) generates a red heart icon to appear on your crosshair. This gives you the visual confirmation of a well-placed Heartshot. Of course, players can land a Heartshot before they finally encounter Bass Reeves in the game, with the aforementioned Simple Slingshot coming into question.

When players enter the Provisioner Realms, they can acquire firearms in Nightingale. It all plays into the main narrative, so you’ll have access to the unique Realm at some point. So long as you’re completing the Sites of Power and obtaining Realm Cards, you’ll eventually find yourself equipping guns.

Expert Tip

Animals move about swiftly when aggravated or in the face of danger. Stealthily approach a boar or a deer while they’re at peace and aim for the heart. You’ll have a better chance with them than other animals across the Fae Realms.

Nightingale allows players to switch between first and third-person perspectives through the settings. Both offer their challenges regarding combat, yet it can be tough to land a Heartshot while in third-person. This is something to consider when you’re looking to deal significant damage to your enemies.

Nightingale Firearm for Headshots and Heartshots
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Once you’ve scored the specified number of Headshots and Heartshots, you can return to Bass Reeves to proceed with his questline. He’s looking for a fugitive, yet other NPCs beckon your aid across the Realms. Be sure to check your current quests to avoid any clutter, especially as you visit various characters in a single playthrough.


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