Nintendo Switch Gift Games | Can you send a game to a friend?

Nintendo Switch Gift Games

If you’re a kind hearted individual, odds are you enjoy giving gifts to your friends. Maybe you just played a really awesome game on your Switch and instantly thought of someone you’d like to share that experience with. If that’s you, you’re probably wondering about the Nintendo Switch gift games process. Further, you might be wondering, can I send a game to a friend?

Nintendo Switch Gift Games | Can you gift games through the eShop?

Nintendo Switch Gift Games

If you’ve been playing video games for any amount of time, you’re likely aware of the warm fuzzy feeling when you get a game you’ve been wanting for free. If you want to make that feeling come true for someone else, then you might be wondering if you can gift games to other players through the eShop.

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Unfortunately, when it comes to gifting Nintendo Switch games, the sad reality is that it is not possible. On a sadder note, there hasn’t been any promise from Nintendo to bring this feature to light in the future.

If you’re wanting a Nintendo Switch gift games feature, the closest you’ll be able to get for now is sending your friend an eShop gift card. Thankfully, there are tons of different amounts available on Amazon to choose from if you decide to go that route.

Another option is to buy the gift recipient a digital code for the game you want them to play. This process can be completed directly through the eShop, Amazon, or any number of retail stores.

It remains unclear why Nintendo isn’t bringing this feature to its platform. After all, other platforms have a gifting system, and even some games offer players the ability to send gifts within the game itself. Whatever the reason, hopefully one day in the future Nintendo will have a change of heart and add the ability to gift games to other players through the eShop.

Written by Andrew Smith

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