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OctoMaze Review | Underwater Puzzle Fun

OctoMaze Review

Have you ever wanted a puzzle game that was both fun and easy to get into, with an exceptional level of challenge that you can play on your phone? Well, friends, I am happy to inform you there is such a game, and it is called OctoMaze. Developed by Octagon Game Studio, OctoMaze is a quirky puzzle game that can be played on Android devices.

The premise revolves around a player-controlled octopus who is trying to navigate it’s way through various maze-like levels while avoiding traps and enemies. The game is currently in early access on the Google Play Store for $3.99 with a free demo. That said, here is Guide Fall’s review of OctoMaze.

Story and Gameplay

OctoMaze Review

Octomaze offers a fun and enjoyable experience for all ages and is full of challenging puzzles that get harder as the game progresses. The game has an adorable story that revolves around a young octopus named Aristotle who has spent many years training to become an adventurer to save his tribe of octopuses from their rivals, the Parasites. The sneaky Parasites have stolen the tribe’s artifacts and it’ll be up to you to get them back.

The core of Octomaze’s gameplay revolves around the quest to regain the artifacts in the form of guiding Aristole’s tentacle through various maze levels. In these mazes, you will have to avoid obstacles like spike walls and enemies that shoot out gas, all while trying to collect one or more coins.

In the midst of all of this, you’ll also need to press a series of buttons to continue progressing through the level. As you progress, you will unlock new items like drills, flamethrowers, and even a teleporting device to help you on your quest. The game also has a variety of levels that take place in different settings, like a forest, city, and space.

A Refreshing Take on Puzzle Games

OctoMaze combines all these elements and provides players with a challenging experience that is simple and easy to pick up and play. I quite enjoyed the time I spent playing the game on my phone and I feel the game would serve as an excellent experience for children, as well as adults. The tentacle mechanic was by far one of the most intriguing aspects of the game, as it was super fun to control.

It is also apparent that the developers behind this indie game took inspiration from similar titles in the puzzle genre and managed to perfect the formula. Everything from the levels to the various enemies in the game were detailed with a fun, cartoonish art style that was pleasing to look at. Additionally, the levels of Octomaze were designed exceptionally well and managed to stay interesting as the game progressed.

Puzzles in Octomaze are easy to solve but still provide an exceptional challenge. They are designed in a very simple way, yet still prove to be quite challenging to figure out at times. The game in its entirety seems well made, especially as far as controls are concerned, as they are smooth and responsive. Octomaze also has pleasant music that accompanied the game-play excellently, further improving the experience.

Room For Improvement

However, there is one area where Octomaze could stand to improve, such as background art for the levels. For example, one forest-themed set of levels I played had a total of 15 sub-levels with very little variation. Each level usually had the same checkerboard brown layout with the same octopus on the top. 

The only thing that ever changed between these levels was the actual layout of the maze which wasn’t quite enough for me. If there were more detailed variations between the background and art, it would have brought a breath of fresh air to the game. But other than this rather small gripe the rest of the game, in my opinion, is pretty solid and well made.

Final Verdict

OctoMaze Review

Overall, I honestly really enjoyed the time I spent playing OctoMaze, it is a quite enjoyable game that takes elements of an already popular genre of games and offers it a new, refreshing experience. While some of the levels could use a little bit of variation in its art style, the smooth and enjoyable controls outweigh the monotonous visual design. For that reason, we are giving OctoMaze an 8 out of 10.

*Note: Guide Fall’s review of OctoMaze is based off of the free demo

Written by Andrew Smith