How to Capture Humans in Palworld

Palworld Capture Humans
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Did you know that it’s entirely possible to capture humans in Palworld? It’s incredibly dark, but it’s true! In addition to tossing Pal Spheres at the titular creatures to ultimately capture them, the same can be done to the human NPCs that roam the Palpagos Islands. And while entrapping Pals is a pretty straightforward process, the same isn’t necessarily present when capturing humans.

That’s not to say that imprisoning humans is somewhat tricky; that isn’t the case. Even before the early access launch of Palworld, players were already curious about the prospect of detaining humans in a ball when they witnessed other players commit the crime. In other words, this is an action players can partake in reasonably early in the game. There are just a few aspects of the whole ensnaring human idea that ought to be considered.

How to Capture Humans in Palworld

Palworld Capture Human NPC in Action
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Palworld adventurers can capture humans with a Pal Sphere. However, the odds of completely apprehending them are significantly reduced compared to the Pals. Whenever the player preps up a Sphere toss, the percentage indicator hints at the chance of capturing the creature. However, the indicator doesn’t apply to humans since capturing them is forbidden on the islands (until after the Sphere is thrown).

Still, using a Pal Sphere is based on a few factors, all of which are essential to entrapping anything on the islands:

  • Amount of Enemy/Pal Health
  • Position of Thrown Pal Sphere
  • Type of Pal Sphere

Players usually deliver some damage to warrant a chance of trapping a living creature on the Palpagos Islands. Evidently, the lower an enemy’s health, the easier it becomes to capture them. As the health bar decreases, the catch percentage increases, as with the Pals in the game. Moreover, a Pal Sphere thrown onto unsuspecting individuals does escalate the Sphere’s power, though it’s a matter of understanding the strength of your target. But since Pal Spheres aren’t meant to incarcerate humans, this method is best approached with enhanced capturing stats.

When choosing out Pal Spheres, always go with the higher varieties. Anything other than the standard Sphere will suffice, though it ultimately helps if you utilize the most robust Spheres in the game. These include the Mega, Giga, Hyper, Ultra, and Legendary Spheres, all of which you can craft at your base with the proper stations (e.g., Sphere Workbench at Technology Tier 14 and Sphere Assembly Line at Technology Tier 27).

Palworld Pal Sphere Throw
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Expert Tip

Enhance your taming capabilities by offering Lifmunk Effigies at the Statue of Power in Palworld. These can significantly aid your efforts to enslave humans; look out for the Lifmunk Effigies at night, for their distinctive glow makes them stand out when it’s dark out.

Humans at Work

Now that you have humans under your control, the choice is yours on what to do with them next. You can take them with you as a fighting combatant, assign them to one of your bases on the Palpagos Islands, keep them at bay via the Palbox, sell them to a merchant, or collect them all! The decision is entirely up to you, yet one should be mindful of whom one captures in Palworld.

There are many human enemies on the Palpagos Islands that can stir some trouble for the players. For starters, Pal tamers must be cautious about any Rayne Syndicate intrusions and encounters, none of whom are shy about pulling the trigger at a player or a Pal. Additionally, the Free Pal Alliance aims to free the creatures from any form of captivity, giving players more trouble to worry about. Along with the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre and the Pal Genetic Research Unit, there’s also the self-established Palpagos Island Defense Force (PIDF) to look out for. They’re sensitive to certain humans and known to appear on-site if a player captures a merchant.

Sadly, putting humans to work in Palworld isn’t all that advantageous. Normal human NPCs possess little talents, let alone a certain quirkiness to be useless. Regular human NPCS only have the Handiwork Work Suitability skill unlocked, making them an inferior asset. Sticking with merchants and Black Marketeers who can offer their services even after stripping away their freedoms is best. Furthermore, humans are not Pals in Palworld; thus, no Partner Skills are available.

Fisherman’s Point and the Small Settlement

Palworld Small Settlement on Map
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Palpagos Islands feature various merchants, though there are a couple of locations for players to rely on if they need quick access to one. These spots are the Fisherman’s Point and the Small Settlement. The former is to the far south of Mount Obsidian, while the other place is near the midst of the Windswept Hills, west of the giant bones that sit south of the Grassy Behemoth Hills. Both locations have multiple merchants, so remember these when you’re ready to capture a handy human in Palworld.

In short, captured humans won’t yield the best results in terms of farming and combat in Palworld. They aren’t as reliable as the familiar Pal in the game, yet the choice is ultimately up to you. Just be sure to keep an eye out for the PIDF if you’re looking to enslave the human NPCs.


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