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Phasmophobia Mic Not Working | How to Fix

Phasmophobia Mic Not Working - How to Fix

Communication is key in order to hunt down phantoms in Phasmophobia. That means it’s a big problem if you run into the mic not working error. This issue can occur even if your microphone is working in other games. If you’re looking for answers, here’s how to get your mic working again.

How to Fix Phasmophobia Mic Not Working

How to fix Phasmophobia Mic Not Working

To get your mic working, load up Phasmophobia and enter the main lobby part where you set up missions. Head over to the whiteboard where you see the choices for Play, Training, and so on. From there, open up Settings to adjust the microphone audio settings.

This menu has a lot of options to choose from. If your mic isn’t working, the first thing to do is to make sure that you have the right microphone selected. Click on the arrow next to the device’s name until see the correct one appear.

Once the correct one has been selected, click on the Test button. You’ll be given something to say which the game asks you speak. If you say the line prompted and your mic is working, then the game will tell you that ”We hear you.” If it doesn’t work, the problem may be something else.

Still Not Working?

If your mic is still not working in the game, you’ll need to test it outside the game. To do this, simply go the Windows desktop and right click the speaker icon on the taskbar. From the pop-up menu, choose Open Sound Settings.

When the window appears, scroll down to find the Input option. Under Choose your input device, select your microphone. After that, the bar under Test your microphone will move up and down as it detects sound. It should pick up your voice, and may also pick up sounds from your keyboard.

Make some noise and double check that sound is being detected. If there’s still no input, make sure that:

  1. Your headset or mic is not muted
  2. Your mic is plugged into a working port
  3. The microphone isn’t actually broken

If everything is working outside the game, it may be that you need to adjust Windows’ voice recognition settings. This seems to be a common issue among players running the beta version on Steam. A developer at Kinetic Games provided steps to follow in order to fix voice recognition issues causing mics not to work in the beta.

That’s how you fix a mic not working in Phasmophobia. After this, all of your friends will be able to hear you scream as you discover strange paranormal activity. For more spooky tips on this game, check some of our other Phasmophobia guides:

Written by Andrew Smith