PlayStation VR2 To Release Early 2023

As gaming continues to evolve, there are still some tools that are relatively young, like PlayStation VR. Well, Sony’s dip into the virtual reality sphere is ready to move on to its second iteration. That’s right, PS VR is getting a sequel in PS VR2, and it’s now set to appear early in 2023. This is good news for players who haven’t yet dabbled in standalone or PC-based headsets. Having the only HMD based on a traditional console doesn’t hurt either. Still, the company has decided to move on from simply improving the current hardware and software. Instead, they’ve been working on a whole new headset for players to wear.

The PS VR2

Many major game companies have worked hard to develop their own VR, but not many have stuck. The PS VR headset was Sony’s first take, and it first released in 2016. Due to the PlayStation console’s processing power, it was able to support a number of VR titles. That encouraged designers to work on a new headset, naturally called the PS VR2, which is currently expected to drop early next year. This means that VR enthusiasts can possibly expect pre-orders to open in the coming months.

The VR headset is a sensitive piece of gaming tech which has allowed for a whole new type of gaming. By wearing secure headsets over the eyes, players can more fully immerse themselves in the game. The PS VR stood out for its slick design and like other VR sets, came with controllers that would be linked to the headset in order to appear in games as the associated tools. Not only has this paved the way for popular titles like Beat Saber, but has encouraged a number of VR remakes of games such as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. As with all VR, there are performance issues which is why the PS VR2 could signify a more reliable experience.

PlayStation has been riding the VR train for a while, and the announcement of the PS VR2 release date shows how serious they’re taking it. Players may not have to look forward to it for long as it’s looking to arrive in early 2023.

Written by Andrew Smith