PS Plus Free Games for August 2023 Include Dreams and Death’s Door

PlayStation Plus Free Games August 2023

It has been a surprisingly hot summer for many of us worldwide, which has encouraged us to stay inside to appreciate things like books and video games. If you’re like the rest of us, your library is likely still growing despite the fact that summer does not have enough hours to play all those games. Well, don’t worry; there’s still more than the hot season left. PS Plus subscribers can look forward to three new freebies coming out in August 2023. One of them may even get you into the fall spirit, so you can start planning your route to the nearest pumpkin spice latte right now.

PlayStation Plus | Free Games for August 2023

The three free games for PS Plus Essential members that will be available on August 1, 2023 are PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams, and Death’s Door.

Golf is not a sport for everyone, but it can’t be denied that it requires intense concentration and training in order to be a pro at it. While most of us will never reach that level, we can pretend as we have in PGA Tour 2K23. Like with any major televised sport, golf has its own series of games featuring a number of pros and tours. Either embark on a career of your own or compete with other players to be the best virtual golfer with the lowest score… as per the rules of golf.

Though Roblox is dominating the field of custom game creation, there’s a little-known title that helped kick things off. This title is simply named Dreams, and it encourages you to bring your dreams to life. The game provides many of the tools and guidance needed to craft everything from a simple puzzle game to a world adventure game. It’s a virtual tool set for you to play with, where other gamers can then play with your creations.

If there’s a chill that’s going to make you feel a chill in the air ahead of Fall, it’s Death’s Door. You play as a little crow working as a Reaper for the Afterlife. Your job is to go into the world of the living and collect souls past their time, but one job goes wrong. Now you’re trapped in a strange realm where time doesn’t pass normally and your immortality is at risk. This hack-and-slash Soulslike adventure is macabre with some cute designs and humor on top of challenging gameplay. Make it to the end before the end comes for you.

Written by Andrew Smith