Rainbow Six Siege Operator Nerfs | Ace, Melusi, Hibana

operator nerf

The latest patch for Rainbow Six Siege introduces a few new changes that result in operator nerfs. As expected, these nerfs may mean that your favorite character is not as strong as they once were. Fortunately, you won’t have to discover these adjustments the hard way, as we have the latest details on these changes featured below.

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Nerfs Detailed

operator nerf

There are a few operators that have had been nerfed in the recent Rainbow Six Siege update. Melusi, Ace, and Hibana have all been changed in some way. Most of these changes are considered nerfs, but one of the changes is actually based around a bug fix. Melusi’s range penalty radius has been reduced with the banshee, while the bug fix means explosions can no longer pass through reinforced walls, affecting both Ace and Hibana.

We’ll start with the operator with the most changes, Melusi. As previously stated, Melusi’s banshee range penalty radius has been reduced. The max range has been brought down from six meters to four meters, and the critical range from three meters to two meters. This means Melusi has had her range reduced by approximately 50% all-round. The banshee’s sound has also been lowered, too. Overall, the banshee has become a lot slower and much less effective. At the same time, Melusi’s hitboxes have been adjusted as a part of this update. The banshees are no longer larger than the model themselves.

The other big thing that has been updated is explosion damage. The damage from explosions from Hibana’s X-Kairos and Ace’s SELMA can no longer cause damage through reinforced walls. This means strategies that use explosions to damage gadgets are no longer viable. This is a nerf that reduces the utility of both of these characters. The latest patch also fixed a bug with Echo where Yokai could sometimes see on rooftops. This shouldn’t affect Echo as much as the other characters.

These new Rainbow Six Siege Operator nerfs will result in noteworthy changes for each of these characters’ playstyles. Melusi players need to be more careful when using banshee as to not over extend due to the new range. Ace and Hibana players may lose out on a few tricks, but otherwise shouldn’t be too different. Melusi really is the big loser in this patch, so if she’s your favorite, we offer our condolences.

Written by Andrew Smith