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Resident Evil Village Hooligan Trophy Guide

Resident Evil Village Hooligan Trophy

Resident Evil Village’s Castle Dimitrescu has numerous destructible windows – 19 to be exact – that can be shattered by firing or slashing at them. Not only is it satisfying to do so, but destroying all 19 in a single playthrough will net you the Hooligan trophy, as well as some in-game challenge points that can be exchanged for new weapons. This guide will walk you through the locations of all 19 windows in Castle Dimitrescu so you can unlock the achievment.

How to Get Hooligan Trophy in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Hooligan Trophy

If you’re planning to go after the Hooligan trophy, you are going to want to have collected all four masks prior to following this guide. This is because not every room of Castle Dimitrescu will be accessible unless you have collected the four masks. You should also note that there are plenty of non-destructible windows on top of the 19 destructible ones. If you are having trouble getting one to break, that means it can’t be broken. Your knife will work fine in destroying 18 of these windows, though one will require using your gun as it is out of reach, so make sure you have ammo before attempting to unlock the achievement.

To get started with the Hooligan trophy, start at from the main entrance to the house and travel up straight through the Hall of the Four and up the stairs. Walk to the far end of this room and through the doors, into the dining room. Immediately in front of you will be the first window (1/19), then in the back right corner of the room will be the second (2/19). Exit through the door on the left side of this room, head past the knight armor, and take a right into the kitchen. Go through the stone hallway in the back left corner of this kitchen, where you should find another room with a window to break. It is on the right side (3/19).

Backtrack back to the dining room where you destroyed the first two windows. In here, head through the door between the two windows you destroyed, into the courtyard. Head up the stairs on the opposite side of the statue and take a right. Follow this way to a door, enter it and you should see a staircase, above which will be two more windows (4, 5/19). Walk up this staircase and through the opening ahead of you. Just in front of you will be the sixth window, with the blue curtains (6/19).

Walk down the hallway on the other side of this room and you should see a door on your left. Head through and directly in front of you will be two windows to destroy. Do so, then head through the door to their left (7, 8/19). You should now be out on a balcony. Take a left and go forward, and you should find a window on the wall to your left almost immediately (9/19). Go back inside, then through the door that you used to enter into this room. Head straight and you will find yourself in a small hallway with two more windows to smash, both with blue curtains (10, 11/19).

Backtrack out of this area, down the staircase where you destroyed those two windows, back into the courtyard. Take a left, down the stairs toward the back of the statue, then go up the stairs to your right. Enter this door and you will be met with another staircase. This one has three windows to smash (12, 13, 14/19). Ascend the stairs and head through the yellow door on the left. In this room, there will be two windows on the right to destroy (15, 16/19). Walk forward a bit in this room and take a left through the open doors, onto the upstairs balcony. Follow it around to the left side to find a window at the very end (17/19).

Turn around and backtrack to the yellow door you came through at the top of the stairs. Exit through this door, then head through the other yellow door directly ahead of you. Walk through the double doors on the opposite side of this room. Take your first right to find a window right in front of you (18/19). Look back to your left and head through the silver door at the far end of this little room. Turn right and look up, where you should see the final window up above. You will need to use your gun for this one (19/19).

That’s all you need to do to unlock the Hooligan trophy! It should take no longer than a few minutes to run through the Castle Dimitrescu and destroy all the windows, so if you happen to miss one, it’s not too much of a timesink to run back through again.

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Written by Andrew Smith