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Roblox: Project Slayers Total Concentration | How to Get

Roblox: Project Slayers Total Concentration - How to Get

As one of the top games in Roblox, Project Slayers is a comprehensive action RPG themed around the wildly popular Demon Slayer franchise. Your player can get many skills related to the action within the franchise, including Total Concentration Breathing. If you’re just starting out, this will take some work, but we’ll tell you how to get this useful skill!

How to Get Total Concentration in Project Slayers

How to Get Total Concentration in Project Slayers

The world of Project Slayers is fairly large, so the map is your friend here. It costs Map Points to unlock locations in your map. Equip your map using the number 2 key and select Butterfly Mansion. With the map equipped, there will be a red arrow that will guide you in the direction of this training location. Fortunately, it is not a far walk from the starting village, and no monsters to be encountered along the way. Just as well, if you can find a Horse Guy, he will fast travel you to any unlocked location.

Once at the entrance, you will head in towards the training building. This is the building with the mats on the floor. Here, you can do Meditation, Push-Ups and the cup duel mini-games. Against the wall you’ll see three different sizes of Gourd Bottles. These will increase your breathing meter, and you’ll need to purchase and use a certain amount of each size to reach Total Concentration, or Level 3 Breathing.

First, you’ll have to buy seven small Gourds and use them. They cost 200 Wen each for a total of 1400 Wen. After these, you’ll then need seven of the medium Gourds at a cost of 450 Wen each, for a total of 3150 Wen. Finally, to reach Total Concentration Breathing, you’ll have to buy 15 of the Big Gourds. These are 700 Wen apiece, or 10,500 total.

All in all, you’ll need 15,050 Wen to buy all the Gourds you need to achieve Total Concentration Breathing. This amount of Wen will take a bit of work to get, but the skill is worth it.

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Written by Andrew Smith