Rust Vending Machines | How Do They Work?

Rust Vending Machines

As you explore the world of Rust, you might run into some remnants of a less destroyed time. One of these things include Vending Machines, which you can actually throw together yourself. Interested in knowing how these things work? Our guide will go over all of the basics of the Rust Vending Machine.

How Do Vending Machines Work in Rust?

Rust Vending Machines

A Vending Machine is a craftable, deployable building that can be placed to sell your items. This is primarily to allow players to safely make sales between each other. Players with access to the rear of the machine may provide Buy/Sell orders and modify the contents. Then, players who interact with the front of the machine may purchase the items or make trades with the items.

The Vending Machine will hold items and currency inside of it, which means that it can be destroyed to loot the items instead. You may want to ensure that a trade deal has been made before placing the items in the machine.

In order to show that you have a Vending Machine set up, press and hold E on it and select the option to broadcast its location. This will show up as a Shopping icon, so anyone looking to buy or sell items will see it on their map.

For the trading Rust player, these Vending Machines are critical. To craft one, you need 20 High Quality Metal, and three Gears, which require 25 Metal Fragments and 100 Scrap each. If you have the gears and metal, you only need Workbench Level 1, so the Vending Machine can actually be built in relatively distant regions.

Vending Machines aren’t just for trading, though. Since the machine shows up on the map, they can make a prospecting trader a target for raids. Before you make a machine, make sure you can protect yourself and the goods that it holds. That includes using the machine to catch raiders or traders in an ambush!

Written by Andrew Smith