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Saints Row Vindicator | How to Get

Saints Row Vindicator - How to Get

Riding in style is a critical part of any gang-based game. But, in Saints Row 2022, you can really get around Santo Ileso in style! The number of crazy and sleek vehicles that you can find in this game can be a bit overwhelming. And, some of the most zany ones are also the best possible cars that you can select. The Vindicator in Saints Row is a bit jarring in appearance, but can reach some of the highest speeds in the game. If you want a car that can really rocket through the town, then you’d be remiss not to get this vehicle!

How to Get Vindicator in Saints Row 2022

How to Get Vindicator in Saints Row 2022

The Vindicator is located in Lost Wheels around the Northern Badlands of Saints Row. The northwestern corner of the map has five landmarks, with two windmills and a mailbox at their base. The Rocket Car parts within them help you build the Vindicator, and you need to find all five parts if you want the full car. These parts are just northwest of the Cactus Bill fast travel point.

From top left to bottom right, the parts can be found as follows:

  • Near a railway overpass. This is between two Photo-Hunt discoveries.
  • Follow the winding trail atop a slope. Once you’re near a crossroad, the two windmills should be in sight.
  • Check a highway overpass near the three-way intersection. Once again, while driving down this main road, you should be able to see the windmills off to the side.
  • Head west of the Kiss Me clothing store. Check for a campsite near a dirt trail.
  • There is a hill overlooking a train track here. Follow the road.

Once all parts are found, the Vindicator will automatically be found in their Vehicle Garage. This will let you upgrade it as necessary, typically improving max speed. This car has lower than average durability and performance, though. You’ll have to put some time into it if you want it to be as potent as possible.

The Vindicator might be a rocket car, but it’s far from the only sweet vehicle in this game. Check out our guide to the VTOL Jet Plane if you want a rocket for the sky!

Written by Andrew Smith