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Sons of the Forest Rebreather | Where to Find

Sons of the Forest Rebreather - Where to Find

It’s an everyday occurrence to be stranded on a cannibalistic island — at least it is for players that are checking out Sons of the Forest. The highly-anticipated sequel brings back the hardcore survival aspects that fans have been preparing for ever since the game was announced. Now that players have crash-landed and started crafting together essential structures to stay afloat, some can’t seem to locate the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest. Since water plays a role in the game, obtaining and equipping the breathing apparatus in question is vital to your overall survival.

Where to Find Rebreather in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find Rebreather in Sons of the Forest

Players can collect the Rebreather by fully traversing through the northernmost cave of the map. It’s most likely the first cave players will encounter upon waking up from the helicopter crash. This cave contains two pathways: one leading to the item we’re looking for, and one for the Stun Gun. You’ll essentially travel along the left path of the cave upon approaching the first set of mutants near a light source (resembles a small mine shaft light), where a river of abandoned orange life jackets will lead you to the Rebreather.

Exploring this cave is relatively easy once you adjust to the horrid darkness and deformed inhabitants of the island. Once you enter the aforementioned cave, you’ll come across some loot before you approach the mutants. There are only a few of them, so feel free to run right past them. The breaking point is the light source near the end of the initial pathway, where the route is ultimately split. Proceed with the one on the left.

Make your way through the previously-mentioned river of life jackets. The body of water guides you into another room containing pale stalagmites. Hug the right side of the room until you reach an entryway where you’ll have to crouch through. This will bring you to a larger body of water that’s accompanied by a shark and some diving equipment. Rope, bones, and flares are about, as well as the Rebreather. The device is located at the end of the room.

Sons of the Forest Cave Shark

Finally, collect the Rebreather and then equip it to exit the cave via the underwater pathway. The exit is to the left of the Rebreather where you discovered it. Indeed, a shark is in the water, so wait until he cycles around to the other side then make your escape. All you have to do now is swim on through as the oxygen level slowly depletes. You’ll eventually reach the shore where you first landed in the game. Not too bad for a quick swim, isn’t it?

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Written by Andrew Smith