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Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard Location | Where to Find

Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard Location - Where to Find

The Puffton Corp has certainly established their presence on the remote island in Sons of the Forest. They’ve constructed multiple facilities and bunkers in order to run their expensive base of operations. Of course, the inhabitants of the island didn’t like that one bit, thus slaughtering the invaders without remorse. As we, the survivors, make our way across the island, we’ll stumble upon these areas, with one bunker containing a VIP keycard. This card is used to access an incredibly important passageway, so we recommend scooping this up. If you’ve been playing for a while, there’s a good chance that you might be close to its general location.

Where to Find the VIP Keycard in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find the Food Bunker in Sons of the Forest

Spoiler Warning: Obtaining the VIP keycard will lead to important story content that some players are trying to avoid. Please read at your discretion.

Survivors can locate the VIP keycard by exploring the Food and Dining Bunker, northwest of the island. It’ll be in a room before you approach the dining hall after you’ve progressed through a flooded section in the bunker. The Maintenance keycard will be needed here, for a great majority of the bunker requires additional access if you wish to obtain the keycard in question. We’ve marked the location for the Food and Dining Bunker in the picture above.

Essentially, delve deep into the bunker, passing by fixed flora, mutant babies, and corpses, and into the flooded area. You’ll soon approach a hallway that leads into the dining hall. Go into the first door on the left in this hallway. You’ll make another left within this room, with ascending stairs that bring you into a security surveillance office. The keycard is sitting on the desk with four computers against the wall. Pick this up to quickly discover who the VIP is: your three-legged companion, Virginia.

Where to Find the VIP Keycard in Sons of the Forest

From there, return to the hallway. At the end of the section, there will be a locked door requiring the VIP keycard. Evidently, use it to unlock access to the dining hall, which is where you’ll encounter your mid-game boss fight with Edward and Barbara Puffton. You might want to get your shotgun and armor ready for this vicious encounter.

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Written by Andrew Smith