Star Wars Battlefront 2 | How To Get Crates

Battlefront 2 crates

Star Wars Battlefront 2 recently became free on the Epic Store and that means a ton of new players are hopping into the game. Further, a lot of people are being introduced to the game for the first time and its many different mechanics. One of these is the crate system, but how do you get Battlefront II crates? 

How To Get Crates In Battlefront 2
Battlefront 2 crate

To earn Battlefront 2 crates, players simply need to log in daily, complete Milestones, and beat timed challenges. Inside these crates, you’ll find various cosmetic items like emotes, victory points, and skins. You’ll also find credits to upgrade your skills for the different classes in the game. 

Now, if you keep up with gaming news, you might remember that there was a big controversy over the Battlefront 2 crate system a while back. Prior to what is known as Patch 2.0, players could purchase loot crates for actual real-life cash. These loot crates would also have rewards that would drastically affect the gameplay itself.  Loot crates pre-patch 2.0 held things like heroes and class upgrades. This led to a massive backlash to both the game and EA itself, which had been doing similar things in other games for years at the time of Star Wars Battlefront 2’s release. 

This is also where the hilarious term “surprise mechanics” came from, as stated by an EA lawyer in a court case against the various games that were published with loot boxes. As said earlier, Patch 2.0 changed this and prevented players from being able to buy loot boxes with actual money. This also made it so that crates would only give cosmetic changes to the game and no longer hold class upgrades.

Now you can unlock upgrades and abilities for the different classes by playing them and earning points on them. Additionally, you can unlock credits to help unlock and upgrade abilities through crates. You can also earn credits through in-game play. This makes it a lot less of a play to win style experience and fans much welcomed it. 

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Written by Andrew Smith