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Stardew Valley A Train is Passing Through | What Does it Mean?

A Train is Passing Through Stardew Valley

A lot of stuff can happen in the small farming community of Stardew Valley. Heck, you can even find yourself facing off against aliens! These events can seem overwhelming, especially when you see “A Train is Passing Through Stardew Valley” showing up on your screen. This might seem like yet another random event to add flavor to your farm. However, this is one of the events that can actively effect your wallet… Or your health pool! Here’s what this cryptic message is talking about.

What Does A Train is Passing Through Stardew Valley Mean?

A Train is Passing Through Stardew Valley

“A Train is Passing Through Stardew Valley” refers to the train near the Spa. When the message appears, quickly run north of the Spa toward the railroad tracks to spot a few train cars riding by. A few resources will drop off the train as its passing through, but only if you’re around to collect them. Keep in mind that the train itself will hurt the player, which means you can’t go to the Witch’s Hut when the train is around.

Unlike most of the kind of cryptic messages in the game, this one is a static event. There are eight (though some users say nine) days each year when the train comes to town. These listed timings are unofficial, but they should get you closer to knowing when the train will arrive:

  • Year 1, Summer 8, 1:00 pm
  • Year 1, Fall 13, 9:00am
  • Year 1, Winter 2, 5:00pm
  • Year 2, Spring 16, 1:30pm
  • Year 2, Summer 5, 1:30pm
  • Year 2, Summer 28, 11:00am
  • Year 2, Fall 2, 4:30pm
  • Year 2, Fall 21, 12:50pm
  • Fall 23 ~3:00pm

This schedule comes from the dedicated players helping spread knowledge via the Stardew Valley Fandom Wiki!

Aside from dropping a few items, the train doesn’t seem to do much else. It blocks the Witch Hut, so it can kind of a nuisance. If you reach it in time, then you can receive a small serving of resources. But, by this point in your farming career, that probably doesn’t matter all too much.

We hope this helped you understand the significance of “A Train is Passing Through Stardew Valley”! This game is full of secrets, and we’re here to help you through them:

Written by Andrew Smith