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Where to Find Ginger Island in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Ginger Island Landing

Stardew Valley is a comfy, cozy adventure game where you operate your own farm after your grandfather’s passing. The late-game content of Stardew Valley wasn’t exactly limited until its 1.5 update saw the introduction of Ginger Island, featuring new characters to meet and items to obtain. But how are you supposed to get there?

Stardew Valley Ginger Island Landing

Unlike Ginger Island, it’s not accessible by foot, whereas everything else in Pelican Town can be. We’ll have to find our way over there in the Fern Islands if we’re looking to get the most out of Stardew Valley. So, how do you get over to this new location? This guide will explain everything you need to know.

How to Get to Ginger Island

To find Ginger Island in Stardew Valley, you’ll first need a hefty amount of materials that consist of Hardwood, Iridium Bars, and Battery Packs to fix an accessible boat. Once you’ve gotten to the beginning of Summer after your first year in the Valley, you’ll get a letter from Willy about opening the back of his shop. There, you’ll spot his derelict ship where repairs can be made.

To repair the ship, you’ll need Hardwood (x200), Iridium Bars (x5), and Battery Packs (x5). 1,000g is also required for the initial trip to Ginger Island.

Remember, to get Battery Packs, you’ll need to either purchase them from the Traveling Cart for 1,500–2,500g, break open crates within the Skull Cavern, or charge up a Lightning Rod or a Solar Panel. Thunderstorms must be in action with a functioning Lightning Rod; 7 straight sunny days will provide you with the packs when the weather is appropriate and fair.

The Hardwood and Iridium Bars can be obtained by grinding late-game mining and woodcutting. If you’ve been playing Stardew for a while, then you should already have a decent stockpile of these materials. Hardwood comes straight from Mahogany Trees while Iridium Ores are found in various locations, including the aforementioned Skull Cavern.

Ginger Island Parrot

What To Do At Ginger Island

There’s a ton of additional content for you to uncover once you get to Ginger Island. Unsurprising, considering that it’s the core part of the latter part of the game! The first thing you have to do is befriend Leo and his pet parrot. That’s not going to be too tricky, as he’s kind of a guide throughout the island.

Afterward, be sure to check out the Golden items (Coconuts and Walnuts), build the Island Resort, and pay a visit to the Volcano dungeon! Oh, and don’t forget to snag some items to bring back to your farm and grow year-round inside your Greenhouse. If not, you can always grow crops on the Island itself for the same effect.

One other sighting to be aware of is the mermaid that sits at sea upon a structure of stones. This is where the Mermaid’s Song comes into play, where we must place specific Flute Blocks to compose the titular tune.

All of that is awesome, but you might eventually want to return to your house. If you need to head back to the Valley, you’ve got two choices:

  1. Return Scepter: This magical Warp Totem does the trick just fine, bringing you right to your front door. However, it is the second most expensive item in the game, selling at a massive price of 2,000,000g from Krobus’s shop in the Sewers.
  2. Willy’s Ship: Located at the southern beach of the island, the ship will bring you back to Willy’s shop.

Expert Tip

The Scepter is the safer bet, bringing you home much faster. We highly recommend getting that item, especially if you like spending a lot of time in the Volcano dungeon and Beach Resort. Of course, this is quite an investment, one that might require several seasons to pass.

Lastly, pay attention to the Parrot Express transportation system on Ginger Island. It allows you to travel to each of the five hot spots in the area: Dig Site, Docks, Farm, Jungle, and Volcano. 10 Golden Walnuts are required for the parrots to take an interest in you. It’s a great way to get around the island if you’re looking to conserve some Energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the first thing that I should do when I get to Ginger Island?

Right off the bat, it’s advisable that you should collect as many Golden Walnuts as you can, for they act as the currency for Ginger Island instead of gold.

Can my spouse visit the island?

Only you can head over to Ginger Island; your spouse and children will remain at home back at the Farmhouse.

How long does it take to get to Ginger Island?

On average, it should take you 1-2 in-game years to initially find a way to Ginger Island.

Written by Andrew Smith