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Stardew Valley Mermaid Show Code | How to Solve the Puzzle

Stardew Valley Mermaid Show Code Puzzle Guide

The lovely Mermaid at Pirate Cove in Stardew Valley sits peacefully upon a rock. Once upon a time, a man gazed upon the ocean maiden who couldn’t sing. However, a line of rocks along the shore held only a mystery somebody else could solve. This is the Mermaid Show, and with comes a code that the player must decipher. Here’s all you need to know about solving this siren puzzle.

What Is the Mermaid Show Code in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Mermaid Show Code Sequence

The rocks along the shore indicate the sequence for the mermaid show code. What you’ll need are five Flute Blocks to be placed above each sequence of rocks. There are only two types of rocks on the shore: pennies and nickels. Pennies are 1 click for the Flute Block; nickels are five clicks. By tuning the right amount of clicks to the sequence of rocks on a rainy day, the song will be set. Once you’re done, run past all five Flute Blocks, and the mermaid will smile and wave five Golden Walnuts toward your way.

For the correct sequence clicks, be sure to keep in mind that placing the Flute Block will automatically tune 1 click. By following the number of rocks, click to correspond with the sequence minus one. In other words, if Sequence 1 has two pennies, just one only once for the Flute Box.

The rock sequences are as follows:

  1. 2 Pennies = 1 Click
  2. 2 Nickels + 1 Penny = 10 Clicks
  3. 1 Nickel + 4 Pennies = 8 Clicks
  4. Only 1 Nickel = 4 Clicks
  5. 1 Nickel + 2 Pennies = 6 Clicks

Adding the additional click will produce an entirely tune for you, so remember to keep 1 less click in mind when tuning the Flute Blocks.

Journal Scrap #9

The mystery behind the mermaid show code can be read in Journal Scrap #9 that details the scene of the mermaid and the stones. It will provide all the essential information you need to complete the puzzle, including the weather conditions and the stone arrangements. Part of the letter reads:

‘Twas a rain drenched day, and upon a lonely rock a beautiful maiden saw I

Tales I’d heard of sea-born maidens singing siren’s songs,

Yet nary a note could she muster…

The next morning I spied an arrangement of stone upon the foamy bank…

Aye… stones as big as pennies and stones as big as nickels were they…

Adhering to the Journal Scrap’s notes will help you in completing the puzzle. Once you have the Flute Blocks correctly tuned according to the words of this sea poet, the mermaid will be very pleased to hear her song of the sea.

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Written by Andrew Smith