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Stardew Valley Large Milk and Eggs | How to Get

Stardew Valley Large Milk and Eggs -| How to Get

In the delightful and chill world of Stardew Valley, players spend their days running a quaint farm. From growing crops to tending to animals, to even running about town to build your reputation with the residents. There’s tons of things to do in the game. However, there’s always ways to do it better. While farm animals like Cows and Chickens produce Milk and Eggs. There’s a way to increase production, and get Large Milk and Large Eggs.

How to Get Large Milk and Eggs in Stardew Valley

How to Get Large Milk and Eggs in Stardew Valley

Large Milk and Eggs are a different version of the regular Milk and Eggs. They contains more health and energy and will net you more money when you sell them. The question is, how do you get these enhanced versions of the items? And what can you do with them?

Getting Large Milk and Eggs is as simple as making sure that your Friendship level is at a sufficient point. For Cows and Chickens, you’re going to want to focus on petting the animals, and milking the cows regularly. If you let them outside to eat grass, you’ll also gain friendship with them. You can even boost your friendship increase when petting if you have either the Shepard or Coopmaster attribute. Rancher also helps!

Once they’re happy enough, they’ll start producing large Eggs and Milk. As for what they can be used for. You can use Large Milk to consistently produce Gold tier cheese. You can also gift Large Milk to Evelyn, Leah, Marine, Pam, Pierre, Jodi, Linus, Penny, and Robin to increase your friendship with them. Large Milk can also be used as a substitute for regular milk when making recipes.

Large Eggs work the same way Large Milk does, except you can use Large Eggs for making Gold Mayonnaise. They are also favored by Alex, Jodi, Leah, Marine, Pierre, Shane, Demetrius, Kent, Linus, and Sam.

Written by Andrew Smith