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How to Get the Narwhal Ship in Starfield

The Narwhal ship is an extremely lategame and powerful ship.

There are many ships in Starfield that reward you for being a skilled pilot. Endgame ship options make the Frontier look like the most garbage thing around. The Narwhal ship in Starfield is an excellent example of what a potent starfarer should be searching for. This ship requires a high skill investment, a large crew, and a lot of money. In return, you gain not just a fantastic combat ship, but one that can do any role a ship could ask for.

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The Narwhal is a Class C ship in Starfield. These ships require endgame skills in Piloting and Command, but reward you with easily clearing combat encounters and being capable of carrying most goods that you’d ever need.

Where the Narwhal Ship is Located

The Narwhal ship has to be purchased from a representative on Neon. To get it, land on the planet of Volii Alpha and head to the headquarters of Ryujin Technologies, which is on the end of the promenade proper. Head into the big red building by the end of the promenade and speak with Veronica, a blue-haired woman in a suit that you can find in the building, typically in a command center.

Purchasing the Narwhal is no easy task, unfortunately. If you’re looking to scoop up a copy of one of the best ships in the game, you’re going to rack up 432,620 credits worth of debt. The Commerce skill reduces this appropriately, but there are no other jobs that actively reduce the price. Find as much cost-reduction as you can find and, with a stiff upper lip, get your wallet out.

The beautiful neon promenade is the only location so far that has the legendary Narwhal ship.

Thankfully, the Narwhal is a guaranteed unique ship. It always shows up with Veronica on Neon, providing you with something to look forward to that isn’t just a randomized pile of trash — or worse, the Dullahan. Once you get the funds, you are going to be able to get this.

Requirements to Fly the Narwhal in Starfield

In order to fly the Narwhal in the first place, you’re going to need some endgame-level skills. Specifically, you need Rank 4 in Piloting to fly it in the first place. Then, you’ll need Ship Command 3 if you want to stock it with the full seven-crew capacity.

These skills are not cheap. Rank 4 in Piloting can start immediately, but requires the destruction of 30 ships in ship combat. This usually just takes time. You’re asked to crack upwards of five ships almost immediately, so getting to 30 isn’t unreasonable to do.

Ship Command is significantly harder to achieve. It’s a Master rank skill, requiring at least 12 skill ranks in order to get to it in the first place. Then, you’ll need to board or destroy 50 ships while you have a six person crew running around. That’s not easy! You need to find a ship with that crew first, and then engage in ship piracy for quite a long time.

The Narwhal is certainly a late-game goal, requiring a minimum of 20 skill ranks invested in only Social and Tech abilities. And that’s without getting some extremely powerful skills like Boost Pack Training.

Why the Narwhal is So Good

The Narwhal is an excellent all-rounder with exceptional weapon damage. A brute on the battlefield, the Narwhal enters stage left with high hull and extremely exceptional shields. Its cargo leaves just a bit to be desired, but it is the only weakness on this formidable Class C ship.

If you’re looking for a ship that can work through endgame, you can’t go wrong with this. If you ever get jumped while in space combat, this ship will completely ruin anything you come across with zero upgrades. You may want to grab abilities that improve it’s cargo abilities, such as shielded cargo bays to allow for contraband shenanigans, but that’s kind of all you need.

Expert Tip

An experienced pilot is going to want a handful of ships that they switch between, since all ships can perform different roles. For example, the Narwhal’s offensive capabilities are off the charts, and it has enough defense that you’ll be fine in almost all fights. However, smuggling is another story. Rather than building another ship, you might want to consider getting an option like the Stronghold.

Written by Andrew Smith