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What Is the Neon Street Rat Trait in Starfield?

What Is the Neon Street Rat Trait in Starfield

There are only so many different lifestyles and choices that you can make in Starfield that it truly feels like you’re making your own space adventure with Constellation. As with any familiar role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios, players are given a wide variety of character traits and skills to choose from upon booting up a new digital journey, with the Neon Street Rat acting as one of them. What stands out from Starfield, in particular, is that we’re set in space, with this trait specifically being one that is catching many Spacefarers’ attention.

What Is the Neon Street Rat Trait in Starfield

The Neon Street Rat Trait is quite distinctive, presenting itself as one of the game’s 17 main traits to help establish your character. It builds a piece of your character’s background, mainly by having the city of Neon become your initial stomping grounds. This “pleasure city” is home to tourists, crime, wicked opportunities, and psychedelic permittance, making this path in Starfield a unique stretch compared to the other optional traits, such as the Freestar Collective origin aspect or the ominous Serpent’s Embrace decision. With this in mind, let’s take a look at exactly what the Neon Street Rat Trait is about in Starfield.

What Is Neon Street Rat Trait?

As aforementioned, the Neon Street Rat Trait is one of the 17 optional modifiers for players to choose from as they build up a new character for their Starfield activities. The game’s description reads: “You grew up on the mean streets of Neon. You gain access to special dialogue options, and better rewards from some missions on Neon. Crime bounty by other factions is greatly increased.” Due to your origins, you are ultimately different from the Freestar Collective and United Colonies.

Of course, this trait is absolutely optional, for it contains both positive and negative effects for your playthrough. Since you technically lived on the streets of Neon – located on the planet of Volii Alpha within the Volii system – crime is everywhere. With the insane influence of the Xenofresh Corporation’s manufacturing of the Aurora drug. Instilled by a special species of fish with psychoactive qualities, the corporation made a name for itself with Aurora – notably because its usage is illegal everywhere in the Settled Systems as contraband, except for within Neon’s limits.

Starfield Neon City

Expert Tip

The Starfield Traits are completely optional, though your character Backgrounds are mandatory for the game’s RPG elements. Each Background is equipped with three suggested Skills that can greatly support one Trait or more. Be sure to read through the different origins to see which not only benefits your playstyle but also your potential rewards upon completing missions.

In other words, Neon can be seen as a private city that lives on its resources; a Vegas of sorts, or even Disneyland without interference from authorities.

Neon practically lives on Chambass oil for Aurora, which is where the tourists come to live and thirst for. With such muck running around the streets of Neon, your Neon Street Rat Trait has helped in developing some unique dialogue choices that others might not have access to in Starfield. In addition to this, you receive better rewards for your efforts upon completing tasks for one person or another.

Is Neon Street Rat Worth It?

However, because of your life, you possess a certain negative reputation. This comes in the form of increased bounties that will be placed on your head. Complement this with the Wanted Trait (which is what we did!), and you’ll continuously find trouble on your six throughout your time in Starfield.

If you’re looking for a more peaceful time in the game, picking the Neon Street Rat Trait isn’t worth your trouble. Mercenaries will come after you at unexpected moments, which can hinder a task or two for you. This might also spell trouble for your crew and your ship.

On the other hand, if you’re fond of the cyberpunk aesthetic of Neon and its charming benefits, then choosing the Neon Street Rat Trait is totally worth the action. Once you do make this decision, your character is barred from selecting the Freestar Collective Settler and United Colonies Native Traits since they’re completely incompatible with one another.

Starfield Neon Street Character

As a reminder, the Starfield Traits are optional modifiers that spice up your sci-fi gameplay. You don’t have to choose any of them, but they will provide a further kick for your character’s progression in one way or another. The negative effects do come into play, though that’s just part of the fun of traveling through space as you make a name for yourself in Constellation’s history and the Settled Systems itself.

Written by Andrew Smith