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Stranded Deep Bosses | How to Beat The Meg, Giant Squid, and Moray Eel

Standed Deep Bosses Guide

Stranded Deep is actually kind of like a boss rush game. Your goals, and what you need to do to complete the game, revolve around slaying three bosses. These bosses – the Meg, the Giant Squid, and the Moray Eel – are essential if you want to reach the end of the game. So, how do you beat these big guys? Check out our quick guide to find out!

Stranded Deep Bosses Guide

The three bosses in Stranded Deep – the Meg, the Moray Eel, and the Giant Squid – can all be found on your Cartography map. They are represented the skulls on the map, which signify that a boss is in the area. Taking all three down is a crucial step toward crafting the parts needed to unlock the game’s ending.

The Meg

The Meg is the first boss, and it’s found eating a whale carcass. The whale carcass is visible on the surface of the ocean, so you can place your raft next to it. Weigh anchor, or you can just place your raft on top of the whale to keep it steady.

Soon, the Meg will jump out of the water to try and bite you, so pay attention to where it is. You can dodge it effectively by strafing.

Make Reinforced Spears, since those are the strongest weapons, and just toss them at the Meg whenever you have a good shot. These will chunk the Meg, so it shouldn’t take more than a couple of well-aimed spear shots to bring it down.

When you kill it, make sure to reclaim your thrown spears before the beast can respawn.

The Moray Eel

Like the Meg, the Moray Eel’s location is shown above water. It’s in a spire, showing that there’s a submarine beneath the water.

The Great Abaia only spawns after you drop into the water, so you’ll need to make it pop out. After it appears, get back on your raft. The Eel will jump out of the water to get you, so make sure you have plenty of room to dodge. Also make sure you have plenty of spears to stick in it, since this thing’s even tankier than the Meg.

The Giant Squid

Stay near the squid, since the buoy is much smaller than the surfaces that the first two bosses spawn near. It’s wise to weigh anchor nearby. The best strategy is to stay right under the buoy; the squid has trouble hitting you if you’re chilling right under it. Watch your oxygen, and stay under the buoy whenever you can.

If the squid’s logic gets updated, then employ a similar strategy to the Shark and the Eel: Stay on your raft and leave enough room to strafe to the sides for attacks.

Bring around twice the number of spears you needed for the Meg, since the Giant Squid has double the health. Otherwise, dodge and throw until the monster falls.

Written by Andrew Smith