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Stranded Deep Meat Smoker | How to Smoke Meat

Stranded Deep Meat Smoker Smoke Meat
Yup. This simple little thing is your meat smoker.

Since Stranded Deep is all about survival, that means making food last is vital and smoked meat lasts longer than your average burger. Here we will tell you about how to make that painstakingly collected food last longer and get that sweet, sweet jerky taste via the Stranded Deep meat smoker. That is, if you could actually taste what was in the game…

Anyhow, on with the guide!

How Do You Smoke Meat?

Simply put, to smoke meat in Stranded Deep you need to make a smoker. Unfortunately, you cannot simply hang something over the fire on a spit or otherwise to smoke it. Instead, you’ll need to gather a couple of resources together and use them to craft a smoker. Here are the details on how to make and use a smoker structure.

How to Make a Smoker

Stranded Deep Meat Smoker Smoke Meat
Yup. This simple little thing is your meat smoker.

The smoker is essentially a fire pit upgrade. Once you have built a fire pit, combine it with the following items to craft a smoker.

  • 3 Sticks
  • 1 Lashing

Once you do, your tent-shaped smoker will be ready to go and you can begin smoking some meat.

How to Smoke Meat

This part is simple, to smoke meat, look to your lit smoker then look for the very top part. There you will see a thin rope running beneath the tip of the structure. Interact with the rope while you have raw food (like meat or shark or fish) in your hand and you hang the item! If you leave food in that top section for a long time (say, while you are sleeping or hunting for more food), that food will be smoked! Viola!

Note, however, that food can still spoil while it is smoking if it is too old. Because of this, it is typically a good idea to smoke any excess food that you have right away, or at the very least try to smoke your oldest foodstuffs first.

Also, it’s worth noting that with the Stranded Deep meat smoker, you can only smoke five food items at a time, so don’t get greedy and stockpile more foodstuffs than you can preserve or eat! However, if you upgrade to the Hobo Stove you’ll be able to smoke an endless amount.

These may not be culinary masterpieces, but at least smoked meat will last and could be the difference between life and death in Beam Team’s Stranded Deep!

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Written by Andrew Smith