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Stray Customization | Can You Change Your Cat?

Stray Customization - Can You Change Your Cat?

Blue Twelve Studios First title Stray puts you into the shoes, or rather the paws, of a stray cat. This third-person adventure title sees the cat get lost in a cyberpunk city, with their only goal is finding a way back home. However, some people may not be so fond of the orange tabby protagonist. So, are there any options to customize your cat in Stray?

Can You Customize Your Cat In Stray?

Can You Customize Your Cat In Stray?

No, you cannot customize your cat in Stray. There are no customization options for fur color, nor stripes or any other kind of cosmetic changes. The hero cat will always look the same way.

Put simply, the story revolves around the cat featured on the game’s cover, not one you create. The cat does, however, get a vest later in the game to house their new drone friend. But, no other options to customize the cat are given to the player.

Still, that’s perfectly fine for a game like this. Stray is a title that puts the story first. Players are encouraged to explore and discover new and exciting things to do while exploring the vast world of the game. Everything is here, from jumping from rooftop to rooftop to uncovering puzzles and codes for safes. The game is built around playing as this cat, and focusing on making sure that the player is enjoying themselves as well.

The game does occasionally have you find clothing, such as the poncho, which can be found in the slums chapter. Thing is, it’s not meant for the cat to wear. Instead, it has a different use, more like a key item in a quest. You can wear items in the world, however, like a paper bag, which mixes your controls and gives you an achievement for being a little too curious.

Otherwise, the hero you see is the hero you’ve got. Stray doesn’t have character customization or any way to change your cat’s appearance.

Written by Andrew Smith