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Stray Factory Keys Location | Where to Find

Stray Factory Keys Location - Where to Find

Being a cat isn’t always easy in Stray, but there’s a certain power within you when you’re asked for help. This just so happens to be the case with the distressed factory worker in Midtown. He seemingly as dropped his keys onto a lower level, and the Sentinels refuse to assist him. Evidently, it’s here where we come in to lend a hand. You won’t have to venture far to recover the factory keys, so stick close to the ground, and we’ll show you to retrieve the worker’s keys.

Where to Find the Factory Keys in Stray

Where to Find the Factory Keys in Stray

The factory keys in Stray can be found within a pile of garage after traversing the moving crates of trash. Enough though the worker is lazily checking in the same spot, they’re actually in the next room. You’ll need to avoid the Sentinels as you stick to the shadows. It’s a matter of timing and precise movement to ensure you won’t get caught.

From the worker’s position, open the factory door to the left by activating the switch behind the Sentinel. It’s connected to the yellow power line. Upon opening the door, you’ll see another working cleaning the floor with a second Sentinel playing security. Here, use the moving crates to steer clear of any detection. Keep going until you pass the third Sentinel near the next doorway. Then, use the barrels to jump onto the pile of rubbish to the right corner. The keys will be waiting for you.

Finally, you can return to the factory by going into the previous room. Of course, you can avoid the Sentinels if you choose to, but you could always dart right through their perspectives as an alternative. Speak with the worker, and he’ll express his gratitude by rewarding you with the Neco Badge. Just one step closer to getting that precious Badges Trophy. Not bad for a little feline in a dystopian world.

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Written by Andrew Smith