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Stray Midtown Safe Code | How to Open Safe

What Is the Midtown Safe Code in Stray?

In Stray, exploration is key. Players need to keep their eyes peeled if they want to unlock the many hidden secrets lurking throughout the city. Stray is littered with safes for players to unlock and find treasures inside. There’s one in the slums, and there’s one in midtown. The one in midtown is particularly annoying, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’d like to take a shortcut, we’ve got the directions and safe code you need featured below.

What Is the Midtown Safe Code in Stray?

Stray Midtown Safe Code

To find the midtown safe code in Stray, you’ll start from where the subway is, then head into town. If this is your first time in midtown, you’ll see a robot running away. Keep heading in the direction you’re going, and you’ll see a vending machine. Make a right just after the vending machine. You’ll soon see a store where a robot in a puffy jacket is standing. Jump into the window and start snooping around.

Once you’re inside the shop, you should be able to see the safe hidden inside of the wall on one of the higher shelves. Like the rest of the safes in the game, you’ll have to find a code for it. For that, head down to the bottom of the shop and look for a white picture on the floor level that B-12 can translate. Once translated, you’ll be given a message: “2458 :edoC”

While this might not make sense at first, you’ll have to come to the conclusion that the code is actually written backward. The real message says this “Code: 8542”. Simple, right?

The midtown safe code is 8542. With this information in hand (or rather, paw), head back up to the safe, and input the correct numbers. This will open the safe and net you the Cat Badge.

This isn’t the only badge you can have your cat wear, as there are other badges in the game. One of them is the plant badge, found in the Antvillage. However you won’t be able to do this until after finding Clementine with the Atomic Battery.

Written by Andrew Smith