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Stray | What To Do With Poncho

Stray - What To Do With Poncho

Stray is an interesting adventure game with a novel concept. Players take control of a lost cat inside of a cyberpunk city populated by robots. Their only goal? Get home. The robots seem to like this new visitor, however, and surprisingly treat you like any other intelligent member of the community. One of the robots even offers to make you a poncho. But, once you get your paws on it, what do you do with it?

What to Do With the Poncho in Stray

Where to use Poncho in Stray

If you haven’t gotten access to the poncho already, here’s how you do it. A robot named grandma in a corner of the village says you inspire her, and she needs an electric wire to make you a poncho, the only place selling them is the merchant. Who resides to the right of the elevator at the front of the town. The merchant will sell you the electric wire for a bottle of super spirit detergent. The only place to find that is in the laundromat, which the shop keep won’t let you in.

If you want to get in and get the detergent, you’re going to have to head up to the rooftops, to the two robots tossing paint to each other. Jump to the building the laundromat is under, and interact with the robot throwing the paint cans. They’ll say they’re clumsy, and need to focus, so break their concentration by meowing. This will open the door and give you access to the detergent.  Take the detergent back to grandma, and she’ll make you a poncho.

Where to Use the Poncho in Stray

As for what you need to use it on, if you continue through the story, you’ll meet Seamus. The son of Momo’s friend Doc. You and Seamus will work together to unlock his father’s lab and find a broken tracker which needs repairs. Ask around town, and they’ll tell you a robot named Elliot can fix it for you. Use the signs around the town to find his house, and scratch on the door to be let in. head up to Elliot’s and he’ll tell you he’s too cold to help fix the tracker. Give him the poncho, and he’ll be able to repair the tracker for you.

And that’s what the poncho is for, it’s not a customization item. It’s actually an item to help progress the story. As well as aid the cat on their journey home.

Written by Andrew Smith