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Superhot vs Mind Control Delete | What Are the Main Differences?

Superhot vs Mind Control Delete

At first glance, Superhot: Mind Control Delete may seem like more of the same content players enjoyed in the first game. However, Mind Control Delete brings several new elements to the forefront and offers a unique experience than that of the first game in this series. That said, in this guide, we are going to examine Superhot vs Mind Control Delete to see where the differences lie.

How is Mind Control Delete Different from Superhot?

Superhot vs Mind Control Delete

For starters, the main difference between Superhot and Mind Control Delete is the amount of content being offered to players. For example, Mind Control Delete’s replayability is seemingly endless thanks to the fact after a certain point, levels in the game become randomly generated. Whereas in the first game players only play through the main campaign that has over 30 levels.

There are also new weapons and items in Mind Control Delete, such as katanas, fish, darts, and more that aren’t in the original title. Furthermore, Mind Control Delete even allows players to watch replays after they complete a level, which can later be uploaded to either Facebook or Twitter to share with your friends.

But other than these smaller features, the only major difference between the two games lies in the level design. In the end, Mind Control Delete seems to come out on top with superior designs and also offers more environments for players to play around in than the first game. However, beyond this, the experience between the two remains largely the same, and it is to a fair degree the same core gameplay.

The last thing to note in the Superhot vs Mind Control Delete discussion is the hack and skill system. This new system allows players in Mind Control Delete to amass a number of different abilities over a period of time in the game. These abilities will also allow players to do a number of cool things that were not present in the first game. For example, now players can get a hack that will allow them to start with a gun every round, heal health, and more.

We hope this Superhot vs Mind Control Delete guide has answered any questions you had regarding the major differences between the two games. If you’re just starting out with the new game, be sure to check out our Superhot: Mind Control Delete Levels 1-5 guide that will take you step by step through the first few levels while you get a hang of everything.

Written by Andrew Smith