How To Use Heat in Tekken 8

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Tekken 8 has introduced a lot of accessibility features and a brand new mechanic that players need to learn to incorporate into their gameplay to succeed in battle. This mechanic is called Heat. But what is this new system, and how does it work? No matter whether you’re a veteran Tekken player or a brand new player to this fighting game, we will explain everything you need to know about Heat in Tekken 8.

What Is Heat in Tekken 8?

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A rather unique system has been added to the game, and it can seem quite daunting and difficult to use. However, once you know how to use it, you can become a powerhouse in your battles.

Once Heat is activated, your character gets a huge boost to damage, allowing you to use special moves that can overpower your opponent. You can tell when you are able to activate the Heat gauge as it is a smaller bar beneath your character’s health gauge.

While Heat is activated, you’ll also be able to see the bar tick down so you know how much time you have left in Heat. This new mechanic can be activated for ten seconds per round. That being said, you can extend the Heat state if you play well enough.

How To Use Heat in Tekken 8

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In Tekken 8, you can activate the Heat mechanic in two ways: Heat Bursts and Heat Engagers.

Heat Burst is the typical way of activating it, and is the same across all characters in the game. To do so, you press the right punch and left kick buttons simultaneously. Heat Burst gives you a slight advantage over the opponent in both offense and defense.

The Heat Engager can be trickier to use, as each character has a different command combo to activate it. When it connects with the opponent, it will send them across the screen.

It’s important to note that Heat can only be activated if it hits a standing opponent. Once the move connects, your character will run at the opponent, granting you a frame advantage.

There are various types of moves that you can use when you are utilizing Heat. The most powerful is Heat Smash, which consumes the remaining Heat to deal an incredible amount of damage. To do this, press Right Punch and Left Kick. Once you’ve completed this move, the Heat phase will end.

To activate a Heat Dash, you have to use the Heat Engager. While you’re already in the Heat state, dash at your opponent to give you the most offensive opportunity.

There are also enhanced moves that you can perform as each character. When you use these attacks, you can do chip damage against your opponent even if they guard the attacks. That being said, this damage can be recovered after a period of time.

That’s everything you need to know about the Heat system in Tekken 8. Good luck on the battlefield!

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