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Terraria Tally Counter | How to Get

Terraria Tally Counter

The Terraria Tally Counter is your kill tracker and will tell you how many enemies of a certain type you have slain. When you first equip it, you will see the text “Kill count unavailable” beneath your health, however, the moment you strike an enemy, the text will shift to show how many of that particular kind of enemy has fallen at your hands. Furthermore, the tally begins from world creation, rather than when you equip the Tally Counter, so it will tell you about every enemy you have ever killed. Now let’s look into how to get a Tally Counter in Terraria, shall we?

How to Get a Tally Counter in Terraria

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get the Terraria Tally Counter. It only has a 1% chance to drop from three types of enemies: Angry Bones, Cursed Skulls, and Dark Casters. You can find them in the Dungeon, however, you should only farm them in the areas available before you reach the boss Plantera.

How To Get Terraria Tally Counter
The Dungeon’s first few levels have brick patterns like those seen here.

Because there is such a low chance of enemies dropping this rare loot, you will likely have to grind for ages to get it. Probability is a pain in the neck, no? If you are lucky, then you will find it after just a few Angry Bones or Dark Casters. If your luck is more like mine? Well, you could have to kill a thousand of the little creeps to find a Tally Counter. I still can’t believe people make games that depend on grinding…

If you are unaware of how to access the Dungeon, here are the basics.

The Dungeon is a preposterously huge underground complex. It is, like the rest of Terraria, randomly generated upon world creation, so there are no guides on how to explore it. However, the Dungeon always appears either at the far right or far left of the surface level. You will know it by the castle-like brick structure poking out of the ground.

While it is easy to get inside, exploring is nearly suicidal without completing a few things first. If you fail to do these, then you will summon Dungeon Guardians once you are three floors down. Mind you, these things can likely kill you in one hit and their loot (the Bone Key) is not really worth the risk.

To make exploring the Dungeon at least marginally safer, wait for nightfall and speak to the Old Man who stands outside the entrance. Doing so will summon the boss monster Skeletron. Once you (re?)kill him, you can explore the Dungeon to your heart’s content. Provided that the regular monsters don’t carve you up first, that is.

Written by Andrew Smith