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Terraria Teleporter | How to Use

Terraria Teleporter - How to Use

NPCs in Terraria have plenty of useful items to sell the player, whether it’s potions from the Merchant or money from the Tax Collector. Plenty of things can help players on their journey through the game’s world. Speaking of making a journey, exploring the world of the game is a daunting task if you don’t have the right mode of transportation. Lucky for you, the Teleporter has your back. Here’s how to use it.

How to Use a Teleporter in Terraria

How to Use a Teleporter in Terraria

The Teleporter is an item that you can get from the NPC known as the Steampunker. This engineer will always sell you mechanical items, and the teleporter is one of them. It costs two gold and 50 silver, and can instantly teleport you anywhere on the map unlike the wormhole potion which requires friends. That is if it’s linked properly. What you’ll need to link these teleporters properly is wire. As well as any kind of trigger mechanism. The color of the wire doesn’t matter, as long as you connect the two together.

Connecting the two teleporters with wire, and activating the trigger mechanism will instantly teleport you around the map without a loading time. However, enemies are also included in the teleportation.

Teleporters also have relative teleport positioning. This means that if you’re floating above a teleporter when it activates, you will appear at the destination also floating. Be careful where you are if you position your destination in an enclosed spot. Another use for teleporters is with the player-specific pressure plates. The gray, brown, and blue pressure plates can allow players to create teleport doors into bases, preventing mobs from coming in to kill the player and their NPCs.

Teleporters are an interesting mechanic introduced in Terraria, and can allow for intricate transportation systems around the world, which is beneficial to players who like to play alone, and need a safe base to live in.

Written by Andrew Smith