The Best Capcom Games You Can Play Right Now

Capcom is one of the biggest names in gaming. They’ve had widely successful series spanning every generation of consoles. Some of these series have become household names, spawning spin-offs in film and television. Others have only lived on in gaming but still stand the test of time.

With a rich history of games dating back to 1983, there are plenty of stand-out titles. These are some of our favorites and the best Capcom games ever made.

Resident Evil 4: A Major Shift For The Classic Franchise

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Resident Evil 4 began life as a Gamecube exclusive before Capcom allowed it on other consoles. Since its release, the game has been ported and remastered to over a dozen different consoles. The game’s legacy lives on, regarded as one of the most influential games of the GameCube console generation.

Resident Evil 4 marked a stiff departure from the previous Resident Evil games. The game allowed you to move around a 3D environment freely and shifted focus to combat rather than survival. Almost twenty years after its release, Resident Evil 4 remains one of Capcoms greatest achievements.

Devil May Cry: Demon Hunting Action

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Devil May Cry began its development as Resident Evil 4. However, Capcom wisely chose to separate Devil May Cry from the Resident Evil franchise and turn it into its own series.

Devil May Cry wowed players and reviewers upon its initial release in 2001. The fully realized world and fast demanding action made for incredibly addictive gameplay. The lore and set pieces only solidified Devil May Cry’s place in the gaming world. The series is still going strong today, and the gameplay hasn’t steered too far from its original entry.

Street Fighter Two: A New Challenger Appears

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Street Fighter 2 is a classic 2D fighting game that is still a mainstay of the fighting game community today. The original arcade cabinet is the choice of many, but its various ports to home consoles are near-perfect replications. The game even spawned a cult classic movie tie-in.

The first street fighter hit arcade cabinets in 1987, but the second game turned the franchise into a household name.

Monster Hunter World: Bringing Monster Hunting To The Masses

Photo Credit: Capcom

The Monster Hunter franchise has been around since 2004, finding a lot of success on portable platforms. This 2018 entry, though, brought the franchise to a broader audience.

The Monster Hunter series is known for its in-depth RPG elements and customization options. All of the different options available to the player from the start can be quite daunting for newcomers. Monster Hunter World was able to strike a perfect balance between complexity and fun. The meaningful updates make this a perfect entry point for anyone looking to hunt monsters.

Lost Planet Extreme Condition: Capcoms Hidden Gem

Photo Credit: Capcom

Lost Planet is a third-person sci-fi shooter released in the PS3/Xbox 360 era of consoles. The setting of the game, an Earth-like planet in the grips of an ice age, sets this game apart and gives it a spot on our list.

The PS3 era brought us a ton of great third-person games, and Lost Planet is no exception. While Lost Planet is a bit of a forgotten gem, the shooting and storyline are far from forgettable. Hopefully, Capcom makes this one easily playable, as the only way to play it now is on original hardware.

Dead Rising: Zombie Shooting Mayhem

Photo Credit: Capcom

We love zombie games at Boss Level Gamer, and Dead Rising is no exception. The first game in the series takes place in a mall ala Dawn of the Dead and features huge hordes of zombies ready to be mowed down.

Capcom has been quiet on the title since its last release in 2016, but we would love the opportunity to step back into this world. Zombies always make a good enemy in video games, and Dead Rising delivers all the undead slaying you could want.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles: Two Japanese “Whodunnit” Masterpieces

Photo Credit: Capcom

The Phoenix Wright games launched in Japan as GameBoy Advance titles and finally made their way to the States on Nintendo DS. It took a while for this series to land on US shores, but the best two games are now available on Switch as part of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

The collection features remastered versions of the first two games in the series. Gameplay consists mainly of visual novel set pieces with small investigation stages scattered throughout. For anyone that missed these on the DS, the Switch version is the best way to enjoy these games today.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection: The Best of Mega Man

Photo Credit: Capcom

Mega Man has been a staple of Capcom’s lineup since his first game on the original Nintendo. The Mega Man X spin-off games started in 1993 on the Super Nintendo and are arguably the superior titles in the franchise.

Mega Man X Legacy collection grabs all of the Mega Man X titles and compiles them into one collection, with the highlight being the original title for SNES. The collection offers excellent value for retro gamers and some of the most demanding games Capcom has ever made.

Street Fighter Alpha: The True Follow-Up to Street Fighter Two

Photo Credit: Capcom

Capcom struck gold with Street Fighter Two. The game was massively successful as an arcade cabinet and a home console title and even spawned a film version featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kylie Minogue. However, after successfully porting Street Fighter to anything with a screen, Capcom pivoted to the Alpha series, the first all-new Street Fighter game in four years.

Street Fighter Alpha retains a ton of familiar faces but makes significant improvements over its predecessor. A revamped super combo system and the ability to block air attacks are just a few of the ways Street Fighter Alpha was more welcoming to newcomers. The series would spawn two more sequels, but the original title remains the best Street Fighter Alpha game.

Devil May Cry 3: Punishingly Difficult Demon Slaying

Photo Credit: Capcom

Devil May Cry 3 is easily the toughest game in the series, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best. The combat system was fleshed out over the previous entries, and the story is one of the strongest in the series.

Devil May Cry 3 has gotten two ports since its initial release on the PlayStation 2: an HD Remake and a special edition for the Nintendo Switch. For newcomers looking to jump into this series, the Switch port is the best way to play this game. The port features several quality-of-life upgrades mimicked in later entries and runs fantastic on Nintendo’s hardware.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Perfecting the Classic Cross-over

Photo Credit: Capcom

The X-Men fighting the Street Fighter team seemed like a wild dream until Capcom made it a reality in 1996. The series evolved to feature more Marvel heroes, but it wasn’t until Marvel vs. Capcom 2 that the series reached its full potential.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 features a staggering fifty-six-player roster, each with unique fighting styles and combos. One of the reasons Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has sustained such staying power is its relevance on both arcades and consoles. A sequel was eventually released a decade later, but the combat and characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 are still our favorites in the series.

Resident Evil 7: A New Horror in The Classic Franchise

Photo Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil 7 is a return to form for the classic Capcom series. By the time series reached its sixth entry, the narrative, and characters had devolved into a campy mess. Resident Evil 7 acted as a soft reboot, taking the series into first-person and introducing a new narrative.

The seventh entry focuses strongly on horror elements, with most of the game taking place in one large house hiding from a crazy family. The game didn’t nail the landing, but it remains one of the best entries in the series and a fantastic step forward for the franchise.

Onimusha: The Way of the Samauri

Photo Credit: Capcom

The first game in the Onimusha series was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001 and is still the best game in the series. The hack-and-slash gameplay is perfect for this era of video games and remains one of the strongest Samurai stories told in gaming.

While the narrative often blends into fantasy storytelling, the game remains grounded in Japanese Samurai culture. The puzzles and action set pieces are second to none and should be experienced by any gamer with an old PS2 still lying around.

Monster Hunter Rise: Portable Monster Hunting

Photo Credit: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest edition in the Monster Hunter series and the best entry yet. The game was originally released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, with ports later coming to the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

The ports of Monster Hunter Rise certainly look better, but we feel the Switch is the best way to play this game. The series was built around portability, and even playing on the couch while a show is on in the background is the perfect way to grind for XP. Monster Hunter Rise is the best game in the Capcom series.

Street Fighter 5: A Return to The Classic Series

Photo Credit: Capcom

Capcoms 2016 Street Fighter entry may not be the best in the series, but it’s still a strong entry with an active player base. The fighting game scene has evolved dramatically since the Street Fighter 2 cabinet days, and Street Fighter 5 offers a great entry point for those wanting to enter the scene.

Street Fighter 5 has a deep combat system, easy-to-understand combos, and beautiful 3D-rendered fighters. The series has come a long way since its original title, and Street Fighter 5 is a testament to Capcoms dedication to the series.

Resident Evil Remakes: The Best Way to Experience Capcoms Best Series

Photo Credit: Capcom

The Resident Evil series is one of the most recognized series in gaming. The games have gone off to spawn numerous spin-offs, TV shows, films, and comics. Capcom has taken the time to lovingly remake some of the classic titles in the series for modern audiences, and they are the best way to play these entries.

At the time of writing, Capcom has remade Resident Evil 2, 3, and 4. The original games are classic in their own rights, but the updated control schemes, graphics, and exclusion of cringy content make them the best in the series. Anyone interested in the series owes it to themselves to play these instant classic titles.



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Written by Joe Moore

Joe Moore is a freelance writer at bosslevelgamer. He can usually be found listening to pop-punk, playing story-driven games, eating chipotle, or all three at once.

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