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The Last of Us Part 2 Bank Safe Code Location

Bank Safe Code

In The Last of Us Part 2, safe codes are used to unlock safes that contain several valuable items such as ammo, crafting materials, and character upgrades. In this guide, we will explain where and how to unlock the bank safe and provide the bank safe code.

The Last of Us Part 2 Bank Safe Code | How to unlock the bank safe

The bank safe is found in the Westlake Bank when the player first arrives in the Downtown Seattle chapter in the The Last of Us Part 2When the level starts, head left along the wall and you will soon see what appears to be a bunch of ruined buildings and rubble. If you look carefully, you should spot the WestBank sign above a wrecked building. Next, you are going to want to head through the rubble and enter the Westlake Bank ruins. Once inside, you will jump down into a small area where you will see several infected. 

We strongly recommend using stealth when taking these infected runners and Clickers out. After these infected are taken care of, go explore the rest of the bank and find the safe deposit locker door. Once you find this room, you should see a bag on the floor. Search it and find the Bank Heist Plan Note. This note will give you the bank safe code, which is 602306. 

After you have the bank safe code, go find the nearby vault and put the code in. If you’ve entered it correctly, the vault will open, and you’ll find an Antique Ring in a safe deposit box, a pump shotgun next to a bank robber note, and some other useful items. Be prepared for a fight when you leave, as some infected will soon appear in the lobby. Also remember to use stealth to take these guys out as they might be a little tough at this point in the game.

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Written by Andrew Smith