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The Outer Worlds Stealing | Should I steal?

The Outer Worlds Stealing

One of the hottest games of the fall season, The Outer Worlds is making rounds around the gaming community. An original title, with a delightfully irreverent classic science fiction atmosphere, The Outer Worlds offers an excellent RPG experience in a darkly humorous universe. Along with many RPG experiences comes some ethical qualms. Namely, in The Outer Worlds, stealing is always an option, but not always a good one. Is it worth stealing? Let’s find out!

Should I Steal in The Outer Worlds?

The Outer Worlds Stealing

In almost every RPG in existence, there’s a good, steady, and unwritten rule: pick up and steal every single item that isn’t nailed to the ground. Of course, different games treat this in different ways. Most have innate crime and reputation systems, making stealth and sleuth an invaluable resource. In The Outer Worlds, stealing works much the same way. The five-finger discount is always 100% off, but not always 100% cost-free. 

In short, definitely steal every single item that you can in The Outer Worlds, there really isn’t much of a consequence. Unless you’re a hard role-play kind of gamer, it really doesn’t make much sense not to. Stealing items in The Outer Worlds works much the same as it does in other Obsidian titles. As long as you make sure that no one sees you lifting them, you might as well pick up some stuff and see if you can flip it for a nice profit. 

Really, unless you’re predisposed to grinding, mini-questing, and all the other least interesting parts of an RPG, there’s no reason not to grab every loose item possible. Well, not every loose item per se. The best way to steal is to consider item weight against item value. There’s no point in wasting inventory space on low-value items. 

Hopefully, with these tips and assurances, The Outer Worlds players can finally commit acts of petty theft with some peace of mind. It’s alright to steal in the virtual galactic landscape. Everyone else is already doing it. 

Written by Andrew Smith