Thief Simulator 2 Review

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Have you ever sat around watching a show or movie about a heist? Do you think to yourself that you could’ve done better? If so, put it to the test in Thief Simulator 2. The game has two modes to make your dream of being a master thief come true. It has a story mode and a free-play mode.

Ultimate Games S.A. is a Polish developer specializing in simulation games. They offer various simulators, including fishing, mechanics, house flipping, and even a thief simulator—their newest release, Thief Simulator 2, launched on October 4th, 2023, on Steam. Console owners can expect console versions in 2024.

Thief Simulator 2’s Story Gets The Job Done But Nothing More

The storyline, although not exceptional, can be regarded as satisfactory. It revolves around a thief who steals from a criminal organization and subsequently attempts to evade their pursuit. The organization eventually locates the individual, prompting them to seek aid from a former acquaintance. To clear their name and be removed from the hitlist, the individual undertakes various tasks to acquire enough money to get the price off their head.

There isn’t an immediate tutorial for the short opening level, which initially made me think negatively. The game throws you right into the intro level, which is frustrating. It took me a few tries to figure out precisely what to do. When you ride into the first neighborhood, you get all the tips you could ever need. They have tutorials for each major skill you use in the game, from lock picking, hacking, and flying a drone. Leveling up your skills is essential to work on bigger heists.

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Image Credit: PlayWay S.A..

The first area is a small neighborhood. This is where you learn the ropes. You complete increasingly more complex tasks at different houses or buildings. The task isn’t always a robbery. Sometimes, you take pictures of rooms, plant evidence, or just watch people figure out their routines while planning your mission. You go from using a crowbar to break into doors and windows to using lock picks within the first hour. If you get detected, the cops will be called.

You can flee, but sometimes, they will post wanted posters. You have to take those down, or people will notice you and report your location to the police. Luckily, you have a truck to make a getaway in or a dumpster to hide in. Eventually, you will have ways to subdue people. You will work up to robbing a warehouse and even a bank. The further you progress, the more complicated the heists become.

Thief May 2nd Not Hold Your Hand, But It Carefully Guides You Along The Way

You will acquire a hideout that provides the means to hone your skills, purchase and sell various items, and receive valuable information regarding potential locations for robbery. These tips will impart knowledge about available entry points, the presence of security measures, including guard dogs, and specifics regarding the security systems in place. To sell your acquired items, you may ride to a pawn shop or hop on your personal laptop for online transactions.

On a side note, I must say the development team deserves commendation for their remarkable work. The game offers controller support and a dedicated Steam Deck mode that you can activate in the main menu. Throughout my playtime, I’m delighted to report that I haven’t encountered any issues with the game’s performance.

Visually, the game looks great, but don’t expect AAA ray-tracing graphics. If you enjoy gaming on the go or plan to use the Steam Deck in handheld or docked mode, this is definitely a game worth picking up. At $19.99, it offers incredible value for your money.

Additionally, they have a few bundle options on Steam with their other games. For just $19.99, you can get Thief Simulator and Thief Simulator 2. Alternatively, you could opt for the Thief Simulator 2 and House Flipper bundle for $24.99. They even have a bundle combining Thief Simulator 2 with Contraband Police, all for just $19.99. The fact that you can get two games with substantial content for under $30 truly makes it a steal.

Wrapping Up

Thief Simulator 2 is exactly what it says it is. It takes a lot of time to plan heists and observe people. If you aren’t a fan of downtime and want to hop in and do a mission, this isn’t a game for you. This is the game for you if you want to feel like a thieving expert down to planning exact details. You will either be an expert thief and run perfectly smooth jobs or run into a lot of funny, whacky moments just when you think you are becoming a master thief.

The game is fun, and a content creator could get a lot of mileage out of Thief Simulator 2. The game runs and plays well, but there are some frustrating moments you will run into.

Thief Simulator 2 Review
Thief Simular 2 allows you to rise from a small-time robber to a master thief, performing big heights. While gameplay can feel janky at times, it's still a great value for the price tag and it runs extraordinarly well, even on Steam Deck.
Great Value
Runs Well (Even on Steam Deck)
High replay value thanks to numerous ways to complete objectives and some hilarious moments.
Opening level instructions aren't clear
Gameplay mechanics don't always work properly
Wanted posters aren't indicated, which makes them hard to find

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