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Tunic Page 49 Location | Where to Get

Where to Find Page 49 in Tunic

Tunic is filled to the brim with puzzles. In fact, one of the most important tasks in the game involves repairing and reconstructing the game’s 55-page instruction manual. The manual houses a lot of the keys to solving the many mysteries that lie inside of the game world. However, they aren’t all easy to find, and page 49 is one of the most elusive. And, as you’ll discover late-game, it’s also one of the most important. Here’s where to find it.

Where to Find Page 49 in Tunic

Where to Find Page 49 in Tunic

Page 49 of the Tunic instruction manual can be found in the temple where you found the Magic Staff. To get there, you’ll need to to ring bells in the East Forest as well as the West Garden. With that done, the doors will open, and you can make your way inside. Then, you’ll need to interact with the pillar and put in a special code. Doing so will earn you page 49 as well as page 48.

Like much of Tunic, finding this page isn’t as simple as you may expect. Mainly, that’s because you need to use a code from another page. The code, which you’ll find on page 44, is: Up, right, down, left, down, right, up, left. Page 44, of course, requires a code from page 43. If you don’t have page 43 already, you’ll need to make your way to the Old House, then use the teleportation dash on the pillars in the pool to the southwest.

With pages 42 and 43 in your hand, you can use the code on page 43 to unlock the door just north of where you found them. Doing so will earn the following pages 44 and 45. Those will in turn give you the code to activate the pillar at the temple, rewarding you with pages 48 and 49.

What’s on page 49? Well, it’s a map for the golden path ending of the game. While it doesn’t explain just how to complete the golden path, it does give you enough detail to draw it out on the map. Each box represents a page on the manual, and each of those pages includes part of the path. Once you’ve deciphered the golden path, you’ll be able to unlock the special ending.

Written by Andrew Smith