Uncle Rico Madden 20 | Is Uncle Rico coming to Madden?

Uncle Rico Madden 20

We all know and love Uncle Rico and his football mixtapes from Napoleon Dynamite. After all, he claims that “back in ’82 I could throw a football a quarter-mile.” While the validity of his claim might be questionable, it’s not questionable that a lot of players are hoping for Uncle Rico to appear in Madden 20. Is it possible that his football tape finally got looked at by scouts? Let’s take a deeper look and see if an Uncle Rick Madden 20 player card is possible.

Uncle Rico Madden 20 | Will Uncle Rico be in Madden?

Uncle Rico Madden 20

There has been a lot of buzz recently surrounding an Uncle Rico Madden 20 debut. Unfortunately, as of now, this is just wishful fans hoping that EA could somehow pull some strings and get him in the game. Due to licences and other legal roadblocks, it seems highly unlikely that EA would be able to get Uncle Rico into the game. However, nothing is impossible, so you never know. If fans keep requesting it, it’s possible something could work out in the future.

If Madden 20 were to add Uncle Rico, it begs the questions, what would his QB rating be? If he can back up the claim that he can “throw a football over them mountains” then he would likely be able to earn himself a pretty solid rating. However, one also must wonder if he would even be able to pass an NFL physical.

However, you never know, maybe he has a hidden six-pack under that beer belly. The question surrounding his physical abilities also comes into question, but we can hold off on that discussion for now. Unfortunately, it seems that fans will have to keep on waiting for an appearance of Uncle Rico in the Madden series, but a cameo could happen one of these days.

Written by Andrew Smith