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V Rising Spectral Dust | How to Get

V Rising How to Get Spectral Dust

V Rising has been on the rise recently, with the game jumping into the public consciousness for its innovative spin on isometric survival. Players take the role of a vampire who needs to reclaim their power in a gothic open world. However, the game wouldn’t be a survival game without a crafting system, and one of these items that is eluding players is Spectral Dust.

How to Get Spectral Dust in V Rising

How to Find Spectral Dust in V Rising

In V Rising, Spectral Dust can be crafted or found. To find it, you’ll need to defeat the Banshee. To get the crafting recipe, you’ll need to defeat Foulrot the Soul Taker.

If you’re on the hunt to find Spectral Dust before you have the crafting recipe, you’re going to want to head to the Cursed Forest. Inside, you’re going to come across an enemy called the Banshee. These ghastly foes are the ones who will drop the most of this important item. However, there’s a chance that it can be found inside random Cursed Forest chests as well.

To get the recipe to craft Spectral Dust, you’re going to have to take down Foulrot the Soul Taker. This boss is located inside of the Cursed Forest, at the southeast of the map. It’s a Level 62, so make sure that you’ve got the skills, or high enough armor rating if you plan on taking down this boss monster.

Once Foulrot is dead, you’ll unlock the ability to craft Spectral Dust. Head back to your castle and activate the Grinder, the recipe requires Ghost Crystal (30) and Gem Dust (3).

Spectral Dust is a powerful tool for players in V Rising, and with its recipe locked behind Level 62, just 18 shy of the Max Level, you’re going to have to be very powerful if you want to get your hands on it.

Written by Andrew Smith