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Valheim Burn Their Young | What Does It Mean?

Valheim Burn Their Young - What Does It Mean?

Valheim is a game that doesn’t hold your hand. From collecting items to building houses to even fighting enemies, you’re mostly on your own. Which is why the cryptic messages that the developers send are rarely very helpful! In Valheim, seeing the “Burn Their Young” on the altar in the Black Forest is far from the most helpful sentiment. But, if you see that message, then you are almost to the boss of the Black Forest! Let’s talk about how to put that message into action.

What Does Burn Their Young Mean in Valheim?

What Does Burn Their Young Mean in Valheim?

If you see the message “Burn Their Young” in the Black Forest, then you have found the altar of the Elder. In order to begin the Elder boss fight, you will need to place three Ancient Seeds in the fire pit, next to the pillar with the message. Ancient Seeds are dropped from the Greydwarf Brute enemies and the Greydwarf nest areas in the Black Forest, with a rare chance of finding one in a chest. The only purpose of the Ancient Seed is to summon the Elder, so feel free to burn them at your leisure.

“Burn Their Young” is a hint at how to summon the Elder boss in Valheim. It is implied that the seeds are the babies of the Elder. So, you’re going to make it mad!

That being said, the Elder is far from the easiest fight, so gear up! It has 2500 health with no multiplayer scaling, and does around 30-70 damage per hit. Be sure to use the copper and tin from deposits across the map to make weapons. In addition, check out the Core and Fine wood from harvesting trees and furniture. You’ll want all the upgrades you can get to take down this menace.

Try to burn the three Ancient Seeds during the day. At night, Greydwarves will spawn in higher counts and can be a huge bother to clear up. Prioritize staying away from his nearby roots by dragging the boss to a safe spot. You’ll want to clear out the Elder before you explore new areas. Slaying him will unlock new events and lead you towards the Swamp.

Written by Andrew Smith