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Valheim Fine Wood | How to Get

Fine Wood

Valheim is a land full of unique resources. However, the most perplexing upgrade path might be the wood. The game has a ton of different types of wood, and none of them are very clear about where to get them. There’s plain wood, fine wood, core wood… where’s the best place to get each type? And why do you even need one type of wood over another?

How to Get Fine Wood in Valheim

Fine Wood

To get Fine Wood in Valheim, simply cut down Birch or Oak trees. In order to cut down these trees, you will need a Bronze axe. You may also acquire this material from shipwrecks on the coast of the black forest biome.

If you haven’t gotten to Bronze yet, you’ll need to take down the elk boss Eikthyr first. Bronze is required to cut down these trees, but cutting is not the only way for you to gather your resource.

If you want Fine Wood before you get bronze, you can use beech trees, but it’s a more complex method. You see, you’ll need to cut down a beech tree and try to get it to fall on a birch or oak tree. This can get you the material before you would normally have access to it. Alternatively, you can use a troll to knock the trees down and break them apart. This is more dangerous, but likely a little easier.

Fine Wood is required for a ton of recipes. It’s perhaps the most common category of wood, and thus is constantly used. Have an easy way to get to a Meadows biome and have a good supply of this wood when you can! You can use fine wood on a large supply of recipes, though it’s usually in complement with other, rarer materials. Keep exploring the world, and use it to upgrade your tools whenever you can. You’ll likely need more than Fine Wood to finish up some of your home and exploration upgrades.

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Written by Andrew Smith