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Valheim Fishing Rod | How to Fish

how to fish in Valheim

One of the many tenants of the survival game is fishing. Valheim is no different, but it takes a stalwart soul even just to start fishing. This is because in order to fish in Valheim, you need access to a bunch of rare resources… but especially, you need to be a rich Viking! So, if you’re wondering how to fish in this absolutely insane game, our guide will help you get the fishing rod and bait you need to start reeling them in.

How to Catch Fish in Valheim

How to catch fish in Valheim

If you want to fish in Valheim, then you’ll first need to get a fishing rod from Haldor the merchant. Once you have a fishing rod and some bait, you can fish by heading to any significant body of water. There should be some fish in the water, which you can fish for by holding left click and releasing it to cast a line. Then, you just need to tap/mash the right mouse button to start reeling them in.

When it comes to catching fish, your first task is to find Haldor. Haldor can be hard to find, but he has a consistent pattern. Check out our guide to finding the Merchant to get to him!

Once you get to the Merchant, you need a total of 350 gold coins to purchase the fishing rod from Haldor. Then, you need to get some bait: You get 50 bait for every 10 coins you spend. That’s a lot! Get one or two stacks to hold you over for a while.

Now that you have the fishing rod, you must look for some fish. Luckily, they spawn in most bodies of water in fair quantities. Select the fishing rod (with bait in your inventory), and then hold/release left click to cast. Once you have a fish interested, tap or mash right click to pull it closer. This spends your stamina, so make sure you start with a full bar! Finally, you can spam E once it gets close to grab your catch out of the water. Congratulations, you have a fish! Right now, this is exactly as powerful as your fishing rod can get… So keep an eye out for the fishing update.

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Written by Andrew Smith