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Valheim Plant Berries | How to Farm Berries

Plant Berries

There are a surprising number of farmable items in Valheim. From boars to carrots, this early access title is pretty great for anyone who wants to collect. So, you might be wanting to start collecting berries, a very consistent food source in the wild. Surely, you can plant berry bushes somehow so you can farm these awesome items? Well, if you’re wondering, there’s some (temporary) bad news for you!

How to Plant Berries in Valheim

Valheim Plant Berries

In the current early access build of Valheim, there is no way to plant berry bushes and keep them in a spot of your choosing. Berry bushes are only wild right now, and you can only really plant carrots and turnips. The cultivator nor the crafting menu actually have options for building anything involving berry bushes. This is fairly likely to change given a few patches.

It might not be surprising to many fans of the game that agriculture was left a bit behind. The world and combat systems of Valheim are massive in this early build. There are a ton of biomes and bosses to explore, all with unique animations. For such a small team, Iron Gate should be applauded for its efforts.

However, when it comes to some aspects of the game, this early build does leave a bit to be desired. The lack of ability to move bushes around is perhaps the most disheartening. Berries are essential parts of basic meal preparation, and having to just randomly hope you run into the ingredients can be annoying at times. Because of that, your health potions suffer if you need to make more than a few.

So, it would not surprise me at all if Iron Gate is making plans to allow for farmable berries in the near future. Perhaps there will be an upgrade to the cultivator to move the plants around… Could be nice for designing awesome plazas and gardens!

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Written by Andrew Smith