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Valheim Health Potion | How to Heal

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Valheim can be an unforgiving game at times. The damage you take from some enemies will be quite high, so having a backup plan will be important. Especially for the multiple boss fights and random events that can chunk you hard! The game has basic regeneration, but it also has a potion crafting system that is quite worth investing in. If you’re looking for healing, there are multiple health potion options. So, if you’re wondering how to heal more than basic regeneration, you’re in luck! This guide will tell you how to make it easy.

How to Get a Health Potion in Valheim

Valheim Health Potion

To make a health potion, you’ll need a cauldron and a fermenter. The cauldron requires 10 tin, and the fermenter requires bronze and fine wood. These are both later game buildings, so you’ll need to subsist on basic health regen until you get to some later areas. Then, you gather plants (such as blueberries, raspberries, and dandelions), create them in the cauldron, and ferment them in the fermenter. Bam, you’ve got yourself some health potions!

Until you get a cauldron and a fermenter, you’ll need to rely on health regeneration. You slowly heal over time if your Viking is satiated with different types of meats, and is rested. The health regen is slow, so it’s crucial to avoid taking massive damage. Even once you have potions, you should still avoid taking big hits, since the potions are still healing over time.

Once you have both a cauldron and a fermenter, a Minor Healing mead base requires 10 Blueberries, 10 Raspberries, and 10 Honey, as well as one Dandelion. A Medium healing potion requires 4 Bloodbags, 10 raspberries, 1 Dandelion, and 10 Honey. Once fermented in a fermenter, these potions heal a bunch of health over time; the Minor heals for 66 health over 30 seconds, a Medium heals for 75 over 10 seconds. This might seem like a small difference, but the Medium potion is much better for emergency situations.

Valheim is an early access game with a ton of potential. The world is already gigantic, there’s a good amount to do, and it doesn’t even look that bad considering all of the content! If you’re a fan of the survival genre, this is a must-have game for your collection.

Written by Andrew Smith