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Valheim | How To Mount Trophies

mount trophies

You get a lot of trophies in Valheim. These are small markers of your hunting prowess, and can be claimed from most enemies in the game. For some, there will be stories associated with the great task of taking these foes down. As such, it might be nice to hang them up on display, or in front of your house. So… How do you mount trophies on your walls or outside of them? Is there an easy way to do so?

How To Mount Trophies in Valheim

mount trophies

In order to mount trophies, you must progress to the point where you have bronze nails, fine wood, and a workbench. Once you reach this point, you need one nail, four Fine Wood, and are near a workbench to create the Item Stand. When the Item Stand is on the ground, mouse over it with the trophy you want, and slap that head on, just like you would for boss progression.

If you’re wondering how to mount the trophy on the boss rock, make sure your mouse is on the hook, not the rock. Once on the hook, you should get a prompt to use a hotkey to hang the trophy up.

If you’re looking for the recipe, you’ll find it under the Furniture Section of your workbench. Then, make sure you have a Hammer, one Bronze Nail, four Fine Wood, and are nearby a workbench. You can place these item stands wherever you’d like, as long as your character is within the radius of the Workbench.

You can place trophies on the item stand by having them in your hotbar, hovering over the hook, and pressing the button of the trophy. This will place a 3D model of the trophy on the item stand. Be warned; some of these trophies are pretty small, so they might not fill the item stand perfectly. However, a lot of these trophies are actually really cool! Like trolls, or extra boss trophies.

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Written by Andrew Smith