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Wasteland 3 Ramen Noodles | Where to Find

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If you are wondering where on earth to find Ramen noodles in Wasteland 3, you are probably trying to do the “My Body Needs This” quest. As you probably know, the noodles are the main item that you need in order to beat this quest. That said, in this guide, we will explain where to find the Ramen noodles location in Wasteland 3.

Where to Find Ramen Noodles in Wasteland 3

Ramen Noodles

To make a long story short, you can find the Ramen noodles in Wasteland 3 at the same area you get the My Body Needs this quest, the Bizarre — more superficially the Warrens sub-level. Once in the Warrens, the Ramen noodles can be acquired by a peculiar vending machine in the diner section. You will need either a sliver coin (you can get this from parking meters that are scattered about in the area) or five points into Nerd Stuff to get the noodles from it.

The silver coin will give you the Ramen noodles instantly, so if you are in a hurry use that. However, if you already have five Nerd Stuff points, use that instead as it will give you more items than just the noodles. Alternatively, you can try to shake the machine, but this is not guaranteed to give you anything — so use this method with caution.

Before you go charging about down there, it is worth noting that the area beyond the safe point in the Warrens is filled with enemies, so be prepared to fight all the way to the diner. In addition, you should go talk to a fellow by the name of Flab the Inhaler to also get the Bizarre’s main quest if you haven’t already.

Ramen Noodles

Then, when you get both quests, or just the Ramen one, head-on into the Warrens and be ready to fight all the way to the diner especially in that location as there is a fairly tough melee enemy in there. Once the area is clear, make your way to the vending machine as shown above and choose one of the three dialogue options we mentioned earlier. Afterward, bring the Ramen noodles back to the Masato to complete the quest.

After that is done, that will be everything there is on how to find Ramen noodles in Wasteland 3. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other guides.

Written by Andrew Smith