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How to Recruit Ironclad Cordite in Wasteland 3

Ironclad Cordite

Ironclad Cordite is one of Wasteland 3’s most interesting companions and will drastically change how players play the game for over 1/3 of the campaign. If wasn’t enough, he also comes packed with a cybernetic shotgun arm and can use cybernetic mods. That said, In this guide, we will explain how to get this cyborg warlord and more.

How to Recruit Ironclad Cordite Companion

Ironclad Cordite

In order to get Ironclad Cordite as a companion in Wasteland 3, you first have to play through the Broadmoor height’s quest “Unwelcomed Guests” that is given by a man called Gideon Reyes who can be found at the church in Broadmoor. After you complete the quest and turn it into Gideon, you will then be present with a quest by a famous ranger on your way back to Downtown Colorado Springs.

To avoid spoilers for this amazing game we won’t go into too many details but in short, this quest you will get is called Lords of War and to start it you will have to go back to Broadmoor and interact with the statue as shown above. But before you start the quest be sure you have at least some of the following skills with the levels listed below and also that your characters are at least Level 15 or above.

  • (Essential) Level 4 and 7 Hard Ass: Needed for some dialogue options. If you don’t have 7 you can use 4 and combine it with a Level 6 Kiss Ass choice.
  • (Essential) Level 6 Kiss Ass: Needed for a dialogue option during the quest like with Hard Ass.
  • Sneaky Shit Level 6: This skill is needed to unlock a door in order to progress in the quest.
  • (Essential) Mechanics Level 6: We highly recommend getting someone with Level 6 Mechanics, as it opens up an alternative path that will allow you to arm Ironclad Cordite before breaking him out of his cell.
  • (Nonessential) Explosives Level 8: This skill is needed to disarm several mines, however not really essential as long you have someone with high prescription so you can easily avoid them.
  • (Nonessential) Animal Whisperer Level 5: Nonessential unless if you want to get the cyborg chicken that is in the Bunker.

Moving on, after you get some of what is listed above, to get Ironclad Cordite as a companion you will have to progress to the end of the Lords of War where you will be presented with three Ironclad Cordite choices. One will result in him joining your party while the other two will not, so it would be a good idea to choose the option that says yes.

After this, that will be everything you need to know on how to get Ironclad Cordite as a companion . Since you now know how to get Cordite why don’t you check out some of our other guides for Wasteland 3, all of which will be listed down below.

Written by Andrew Smith