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Wasteland 3 Tarjan Tokens | Locations and Use

Tarjan Tokens

In Wasteland 3, Tarjan Tokens can be earned by unlocking special loot containers called Toasters. Unlocking the chests requires the Toaster Repair Skill and can give various kinds of unique loot items that can include either Golden Toaster parts or the aforementioned tokens. So, in this guide, we are going to dive into Tarjan Tokens and explain what they’re used for and how to use them.

How to Use Tarjan Tokens in Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Tarjan Tokens

Tarjan Tokens are a special collectible currency in Wasteland 3 that can be used via a Tarjan Vending Machine located at Cabinet of Curiosities in the Bizarre. With the tokens, players can purchase various permanent perks or buffs. To use this machine, left-click on it and after a brief animation, it will reward the player with a random perk bonus.

In the list below, you’ll find all of the buffs and perks that can be purchased with Tarjan Tokens.

Possible Buffs:

  • Magic Fingers: Increases the player’s Barter skill by one per Tarjan Coin for three hours.
  • Lightning Strikes Twice: Makes the player’s next five attacks deal 100% critical damage.
  • Cunning of Tarjan: Gives the player a sweet XP boost of 25% for three hours.

Possible Permanent Perks:

  • Eye of Tarjan: Gives the player +1 Cold Resistance and +2 Penetration.
  • Precognition: Gives the player +10  Evasion
  • Fortune Cookie: Gives the player +15 Constitution

Now that you know what these tokens do, let’s go over where exactly you can find them. To start you already know that these tokens can be found in various Toasters. So, with that said, if you check the list below you will see several locations where Toasters can be found.

  • The Patriarch’s Bunker in Broadmoor Heights: Requires six points in Toaster Repair.
  • Ranger HQ: Requires three points in Toaster Repair and is located in the cafeteria section of Ranger HQ.
  • Union Station: At Union Station, you can find this one in the bunker and requires six points in Toaster Repair.
  • Tunnels of The Wonderous: This Toaster is outside the diner and requires five points in Toaster Repair.
  • Ghost Town: Requires six points in Toaster Repair.

Now that you know how to both find and use these Tarjan Toasters, check out some of our other guides for Wasteland 3, all of which will be listed down below.

Written by Andrew Smith