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Watch Dogs: Legion Beekeeper | How to Get


Watch Dogs: Legion is a combination of Ubisoft’s action-adventure games… and strangely, gatcha games. That is, because there are a ton of characters to find throughout London! One of these is the enticingly-named Beekeeper. These units wear yellow “beekeeper” suits with the masks and everything. However, these are not your normal, modern-day bee handlers. No, these are future bee handlers… Which is either better or worse, depending on your perspective.

How to Get the Beekeeper Recruit

If you want a beekeeper recruit in Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll have to find them first. If you want to find them in the story mode, you’ll have to complete the City of London Borough missions, where you get one for free. Otherwise, you can get a beekeeper by looking for hives in parks or near some nature.

You’ll probably want to have a Beekeeper in store, just because their bee attacks are so useful for crowd control. Surrounding someone in bees tends to distract them for a rather long time. So, while not the stealthiest way to take out a guard, you can almost guarantee safe takedowns on basic enemies. Just make sure to avoid friendly fire! We haven’t tested it yet, but it may act like an all-out swarm of bees! Because of that, they’re also fairly good at fighting multiple enemies at the same time without being overwhelmed.

If you wish to have backup beekeepers (which is important, since these units are permanently removed from your squad when killed when permadeath is enabled), the Park tends to be the safest bet for you. They should be pretty easily recognizable from their bright gold and white beekeeping uniforms, which all of them wear. Once you see your first beekeeper, you’ve seen them all! That doesn’t mean you can’t customize them as you see fit, of course. They’re just pretty easy to find and recruit from the outset.

Written by Andrew Smith