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Wild Hearts | How to Fast Travel

Wild Hearts - How to Fast Travel

The world of Azuma found in Wild Hearts has several large, expansive maps. There are very fun and unique traversal options at your disposal to get across them. One such example is the zipline-like flying vines, which other players can use when joining your session. The problem is that even with these cool traversal mechanics, there’s still a lot of ground to cover by foot. This is especially an issue if you happen to faint during a battle and need to trek back to a kemono you were hunting. Luckily, you can utilize fast travel to help you get around.

How to Fast Travel in Wild Hearts

How to Fast Travel in Wild Hearts

Fast traveling in Wild Hearts is a lot more simple than others in the genre. You can actually create your very own fast travel points by building a Hunter’s Tent Dragon Karakuri by a Dragon Pit.

Unlike other Dragon Karakuri, this will be unlocked for you right at the very start of the game. You can plop down a Hunter’s Tent wherever you’d like so long as it’s allowed by a nearby Dragon Pit. Then, access your map and select the tent to initiate fast travel.

All Dragon Pits have to be cleansed before they become usable and essentially act as a way to limit the amount of Dragon Karakuri you can build in one area. Dragon Pits can then be upgraded through increasingly rarer items to increase that limit. But like all good things, there’s a catch.

Unlike regular Karakuri that cost thread, Dragon Karakuri costs elemental energy to build.

Dragon Pits have energy that corresponds to different elements. Hunter’s Tents, for example, cost 50 earth energy.

If your Dragon Pit doesn’t have that much earth energy to spare, you’ll be unable to build a Hunter’s Tent. You’ll need to either try and find a Dragon Pit with more earth energy to spare or work on upgrading it to add a fast travel point.

Written by Andrew Smith